MyHeritage v6.7.9 Mod APK (Premium/ Plus Unlocked)

Last updated: 29/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.7.9
MOD Info:Premium/ Plus Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Bring the sky of your memories back with the MyHeritage app. It will help you restore all old, blurry photos to become clearer. Besides, it also works as a photo editing and video creation application. Download our MOD APK version so you can access the Premium features of this app for free.

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Introduce about MyHeritage

MyHeritage is developed by the publisher of the same name. It is available on both Android and IOS, however we only recommend the Android version. This is an application that restores old photos, even if the subject’s face is no longer visible. MyHeritage’s intelligent AI technology makes it easy to meticulously analyze the face in the photo and reconstruct it. Specifically what it has, how it works, please follow our article below.

Restoring old photos

Old photos are always poignant memories of a time that is important to us. No matter how carefully you store and protect it, time will make it fade and the photo may not even be visible. Therefore, the appearance of the MyHeritage application is like a savior. In other words, it is a time god that can bring back your past memories.

Take the photo you need to restore and upload it to this app. Instantly, AI technology will analyze it quickly. When completed, MyHeritage will begin the process of image enhancement and color reproduction. If it’s a black and white photo, the image will be incredibly sharp and clear compared to the original. The whole process from analysis to recovery is only in a short time, which is also the biggest advantage of this application.

Create historical short video video

MyHeritage has an exclusive feature that is Deep Nostalgia. This feature allows you to create facial expressions on images. You can then see that the subject in the photo moves due to motion. In other words, you are creating a short video with just one photo. The realistic expressions will give you a deep sense of nostalgia when you see the memories present in front of your eyes.

Build a family tree

Family tree is quite interesting feature of MyHeritage when you can find your random relatives. It may sound hard to believe, but it’s a proven fact. First of all, everyone needs to join hands to build a giant family tree. Currently, the application’s collection has 81 million trees by users around the world. Along with that is a data warehouse of 13.3 billion historical records collected by the publisher. Start your family diagram by entering a few names and MyHeritage will do the rest.

Build a family tree with photos

Capture and share your family memories, old or new. Scan photos directly from the app and use AI tools to animate your family history. Colorize your black and white photos or restore color in blurred photos with MyHeritage In Color™. You can also focus blurred faces with MyHeritage Photo Enhancer. Capture the stories behind your family photos with Photo Storyteller™ and preserve them for generations to come.

Make instant family history discovery

Try this feature, maybe you can find someone in the world. With a huge database, MyHeritage will help you do this. The app will compare your family tree with other trees. From there, it will filter out the trees with the most similarity ratio and show “match”. The analysis technology that MyHeritage applies is:

  • Smart Matches ™ : allows you to automatically connect family trees that have something in common.
  • Record Match: Easily find information about someone based on huge data. You need to enter information like name, age, gender, address, etc. to identify the object. The more detailed information you enter, the more accurate the results returned.

Explore MyHeritage’s DNA tool

DNA is a unique genetic code of each bloodline. To test, you need to upload the DNA Toolkit to the app. The system will compare with many other records and report the results. It also matches you with relatives you never knew existed in a DNA database of 4.8 million people. View your DNA results on the app, everything is private and secure. They will never be shared without your consent.

Application interface

Simple interface but very smart, MyHeritage brings user friendliness. The main screen shows the feature details and includes instructions for you. Its simplicity lies in the photo restoration part. You just need to add photos from your phone, press start and the system will finish the job. Even if you don’t know anything about the features in this application, MyHeritage will help you quickly get acquainted with its intelligent interface.

MyHeritage Premium version

You can download MyHeritage for free from the Google Play store. This application also allows you to use it for free, but not all. Some features will be limited and you need to upgrade to Premium. In addition, you can also upgrade to 3 other packages: Premium Plus, Data and Complete. In particular, the Complete package is the most perfect when it is a combination of the remaining 3 packages. Specifically, you will have:

  • Unlock Instant Discover
  • Access to all 13.3 billion historical records
  • Unlock advanced DNA features
  • Create a family tree with unlimited members
  • Priority customer support
  • Moreover…

Obviously, you have too many benefits when upgrading the version. Its price is also not too expensive, you can refer to it in the registration section located in the application.

Is this app safe?

Many people are worried when uploading personal information to this application for fear of being used for malicious purposes. This is obvious to anyone who is about to use this application. But you can rest assured about it. Any personal information you post will only be stored on the application. The publisher also does not transfer it to their servers. That information is also not shared without your permission. This has been tested by countless users who have used it and are extremely satisfied. And we have also experienced and are completely assured of this application.

MOD APK version of MyHeritage

MOD features

  • Premium/ Plus Unlocked: we have already unlocked this upgrade, you just need to download the APK file and use it

Reviews from users

When you are wondering whether to use this application or not, then consult the reviews from people who have used it. Those are the most accurate assessments of the pros and cons of the application. Here are some reviews from users on Google Play:

“Great app, helped find a few from my family. I just think that if the DNA option works, it will help more people from Israel find their families”

“5 stars to the publisher for making such a great app. I’ve made some really meaningful discoveries. I hope more people will share this app to make it more popular”

“A great app for anyone interested in family history. Whether as a basis for data storage or as a sophisticated research tool. The new version offers research, so far only can be done from the website. The site is newly designed and very user-friendly. A highly recommended application for both dedicated family history researchers and for the general user.”

“I really like the option to augment my tree with information from matches. This plus instant discoveries allows me to do things that were previously hours of work in just minutes. Goodjob !”

“Great new app! Now you can edit trees from the app it’s amazing!”

“I highly recommend using MyHeritage App!! It’s great because you can edit your family tree online and use the photo sharing features. We love it!”

“Great software and system. A great companion to the MyHeritage system has revealed some interesting connections that I wasn’t aware of!”

Download MyHeritage MOD APK for Android

MyHeritage is really useful for you to build a family tree. Whether for storage purposes or beyond, it’s a fun thing to do. The application is also extremely secure as it has been tested and trusted by many experts. Quick analysis, accurate comparison, MyHeritage brings users a perfect tool like never before. Are you ready to experience this amazing app? Just click on the link below to get started!

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