O Launcher v12.2 Mod APK (Prime Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:12.2
MOD Info:Prime Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:O Launcher Group
Package:Google Play Link

O Launcher MOD APK is an application that helps to change the operating system interface on Android devices. Tired of the default interface? O Launcher will help you get rid of that completely.

Introducing O Launcher (Version 2022)

O Launcher application will help your phone interface change, remove boredom. O Launcher provides you with dozens of useful features with high compatibility. The application can only be installed and used in Android version 4.4 and above.

Give more color to the phone interface

With more than 2000 skins full of colors and designs, users are spoiled for choice and change. One interface per day is not a bad idea. The vast library of interfaces takes you almost 5 and a half years to use it all. The huge theme store makes it easy to find the theme you like. Now you can freely express your personality traits.

Not only stopping at the interface, the application provides a large and colorful background image library. Just connect to the network, you can easily find beautiful background photos. With full HD definition, the background photo will bring the best beauty to the phone.

Applications will be transformed in the shape of icons. Applications are now not encapsulated in a single framework. Users can choose the icon shape according to their liking. Each shape has its own characteristic that makes it easy to identify.

Customize according to user wishes

There are applications when installed on the device that we do not want outsiders to know. Understanding that, O Launcher has provided a very convenient application hiding feature. With just a few simple options, the application is completely hidden and still on the device. Users only need to scan 2 fingers on the screen, the hidden application will be displayed.

O Launcher allows users to edit the image and application name. The application will now display under your favorite image. It’s funny that the apps you often visit are the names of their face-to-face friends.

The spacing of apps can be easily adjusted by O Launcher. With some models, applications that are located too close to each other often cause confusion. People with large fingers are easy to mistakenly press other applications that are annoying and time consuming. The application allows you to expand and shrink the gap between apps quickly. Now you don’t have to worry about annoying apps anymore.

Extra feature window next to the screen

The extra window feature will help you optimize your operations. Now, you can clean up trash, turn on battery saving mode right in the secondary window. The application allows you to access your favorite software quickly. Users just need to pin to the secondary window and can access it at any time. This app can even delete apps right on the sub-window at your disposal.

Provide virtual home button

Not everyone can afford an iPhone to have a virtual home button. Now with O Launcher you can solve that problem. The application will provide users with a virtual home button just like an iPhone. The basic tasks of the iPhone virtual home button are available at the virtual button of app. You can now enjoy the feeling of using iPhone with O Launcher.

Change screen interaction

You can now change the way you interact with the screen. You can create extremely funny and relaxing effects with your device. Everyone can create unlimited interactive effects with this app.

Special search interface

You can perform searches right in the Launcher without having to go to the browsers anymore. Search results will be as informative and fast as Google. Just by clicking on the search bar, users can search for both applications and information.

Besides, O Launcher’s search bar provides users with many interfaces. You can choose the pixel interface, default search or advanced search. Users will be free to search for information with O Launcher.

MOD APK version of O Launcher 

MOD feature

Prime Unlocked

Download O Launcher MOD APK latest version for Android

O Launcher will bring exciting colors to your phone. If your phone interface is too boring, O Launcher will bring a new breeze. Your Android phone will be more fashionable than ever. You can download it now to experience the best features of this application.

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