Hotsflix APK v2.0.9 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 12/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.9
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:RICH APPS
Package:Google Play Link

India is one of the countries with the most developed media and television. Therefore, they always have extremely great and attractive entertainment applications. Hotsflix APK is one of them, with the ability to provide diverse and high-quality entertainment content.

Introduce about Hotsflix

Similar to Jio TV, Hotsflix APK is a TV streaming application from India. This seems to be the most diverse entertainment world with loads of content such as movies, events, sports… The simple, easy-to-use interface design makes Hotsflix easily accessible to all users. Continuously reaching the top of searches in India, this application is gradually asserting its position in the entertainment field.

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Hotsflix APK provides a variety of streaming content

Provide diverse content

If you need entertainment, go to Hotsflix! It brings you tons of great entertainment categories from movies, events to sports matches all over the world. The collection of thousands of different TV channels makes it possible to fully convey the content that users are interested in. You can easily see the variety right from the moment you open the application. Hotsflix recommends a variety of content right at the main screen for users to refer to.

The TV channels in Hotsflix stream the day’s content live. Especially news, events and sports are the top areas of interest. Breaking news is shown 24 hours a day so you can keep up to date with world politics and entertainment. Sports too, matches of the day of all sports are broadcast live on the relevant channels.

Unlimited entertainment with Hotsflix! The publisher constantly updates new TV channels in many different fields. After each update, you will get some more free TV channels for entertainment in your free time. We emphasize, they are completely free!

Video quality

Video quality is always an issue that publishers care about. To give users the best experience, they continuously improve the quality every day. You can now experience videos at up to 1080p HD. You can customize the quality down a bit to avoid slow loading. Obviously, for these streaming applications, the internet speed affects quite a lot. You should actively increase and decrease to be able to entertain in the smoothest way.

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Easily download any video with just one tap

Download content

If you are often busy, choose to download the content. Doing this will give you two powerful advantages. The first is that you can review your favorite content at any time. No need for internet, no need to be on time, you can watch whenever you want. The second advantage is that you no longer see slow loading when watching videos. Smoothly experience the highest quality content, isn’t it amazing!


To reach a wide range of users around the world, Hotsflix needs to have diversity in languages. Therefore, it provides users with more than 50 different languages ​​in the world. Some of the major languages are Hindi, Tamil, English, Punjabi and Telugu. These are the primary languages of India so they are given priority as to be understandable.


You can turn Hotsflix into your own entertainment content management application. Create favorite categories, save searches or customize the interface, themes… for more convenience when you use. The customizations will be saved every time you log in and out. Create a list of your favorite TV channels so that the application always shows them. Personalization also helps you sync your customizations when you sign in on another device.

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Create your own favorite playlist

Free app

Without spending a dime, you can experience all the content of this application. Every TV channel is quickly accessible for free from the playlist. Obviously, compared to other paid applications, Hotsflix is not inferior. Good quality, rich content, downloadable… are important elements of an entertainment application, and this application has them all. There are also some paid features, but you do not need to register if you feel it is not important.

APK version of Hotsflix

Download Hotsflix APK and install it on your phone to be able to use this app. It’s not available on Google Play, so this is the only way. You can rest assured because the application is extremely safe, we have carefully moderated it before sharing it with users.

Download Hotsflix APK for Android

Today’s entertainment applications appear a lot, but not all applications satisfy your experience. Hotsflix APK is one of the recent highly rated entertainment apps. If you haven’t found an app you like, try it out! We believe that with our powerful features, Hotsflix will become your ultimate choice.

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