Oreo TV v2.0.4 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.4
MOD Info:No Ads
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Oreo TV
Package:Google Play Link

Download Oreo TV APK so you can own one of the most complete live TV streaming apps available today. If you are not completely convinced about it, follow our article below. Surely, you will be surprised with what this application can do. With that, below the article is our MOD No Ads version for you.

Introduce about Oreo TV

Oreo TV APK is a popular online TV streaming application today. It is compatible with most Android devices and is quite light in size. In fact, you can use this app to completely replace your TV. More content, more features and completely free, we believe Oreo TV can meet your entertainment needs. To better understand this application, please join us to learn more!

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Multiple setup options

Compare with similar apps

Currently, there are many online TV streaming applications and each application has its own strengths. When comparing Oreo TV with Netflix or Crunchyroll, you can easily recognize some of its outstanding points. In terms of content, this application can also meet diversity with thousands of different channels. Moreover, Oreo TV also has more free channels than the two paid apps mentioned above. Each different application will have different strengths, but for Oreo TV, it is more prominent for free content.

Continuous streaming

One of the best features that made Oreo TV so popular is its live TV service. This app is an IPTV and CND based service, so you can stream and download videos there. The characteristic of the streaming feature is that it affects quite a bit your internet speed. If the network speed is slow, it will inevitably cause jerks, lags and slow downloads. You can then temporarily switch to watching TV shows or movies on non-live channels.

Video quality

Oreo TV gives you crystal clear and realistic HD video quality. Publishers always keep users the best video quality, whether online or offline. You can easily see that all channels are in HD quality. You can also customize the quality at the settings on the playback screen. If the network speed is stable, you can even upscale to super-sharp, ultra-realistic 4K quality. It’s great, isn’t it!

Oreo TV MOD APK 350x622
Diverse sports channels

Content diversity

We have experienced and found that Oreo TV has more than 6000 free TV channels for users. Units from Zee TV, Jaguar TV, MX TV, Hulu TV and Swift TV are the main ones, bringing you free TV channels. More than that, global TV channels are ready to serve your entertainment needs. From India, Pakistan, USA, Europe, Arab and many other countries in the world are available. And you can choose the partition you want.

That’s the variety of channels, what about the content? Oreo TV is like a miniature world in the palm of your hand. You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment such as movies, sports, dramas, news, comedy, music, etc. Each content will have a separate transmission channel for users to easily access and search. To quickly find your favorite content, you can use the “Filter” feature in the search bar.

No need to register an account

As we mentioned, Oreo TV’s strength is its ability to offer it for free. Therefore, you don’t even need to create an account to log in. Just open the app and you have instant access to your favorite channels. However, you will also lose the personalization feature. But it doesn’t matter, because you still have the option of personal settings. As long as you don’t delete the app, those settings won’t go away.

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More than 1000 live channels

Application interface

Oreo TV has an optimal user interface, smart and friendly. You can easily use it even if you have never approached a similar application. Its main screen showed all the categories, settings menu… Just by looking at it, you can quickly find your favorite content. The theme color of the application is also easy to see, not too colorful to avoid eye strain when you use it for a long time. In particular, we like the video playback interface of Oreo TV the most. It has enough tools to fast forward, slow down, turn on/off subtitles, quality… to be easily customized.

MOD APK version of Oreo TV

MOD feature

  • No Ads

Ads are inevitable when you use a free app. It is the only source of profit for the issuer to maintain operations. If you don’t want to be bothered by ads, you can use our MOD version. The installation is similar to regular APK files, extremely easy.

Download Oreo TV APK + MOD for Android

Every weekend will be more fun and comfortable with the Oreo TV app. Loads of exciting entertainment content is reported live from many famous channels around the world. Impressive HD video quality, even up to 4K. A great app but completely free, don’t miss it! Click on the link below, you can start to experience this wonderful application!

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