Furious: Heat Racing MOD APK 2.19 (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 03/08/2022 (2 months ago)

Latest Version:2.19
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 8.0+
Publisher:Hammerhead Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Furious: Heat Racing is a racing game that gives you extremely attractive gameplay, you will love it for sure!

Introducing Furious: Heat Racing

Furious: Heat Racing is released by Hammerhead Studio, a well-known mobile game company. Most of the products from this developer are racing games. Accordingly, Furious Heat is the sequel to Furious: Payback, the game previously released by Hammerhead Studio.

In this new version, players continue to explore the story in the Night City. Along with that, there are many stories, quests and challenges waiting for you to conquer. Still the familiar gameplay, high-quality 3D graphics, players will continue their journey to conquer the most difficult races in Furious: Heat Racing.

Interesting plot

Most racing games today do not have a clear plot. Those games only focus on racing gameplay, giving players direct experience freely. But coming to this game, you can play in a completely new style. Because the game is developed according to an interesting plot with many interesting and equally dramatic details.

Accordingly, the story in the game takes place in Night City. This is considered the most famous racing center in the world. And the biggest event is Heat Showdown taking place. This is an organized racing event on city and rural roads around Night City. This race is only for the best, most skilled riders.

As time goes on, this event gets bigger and attracts more and more people. And it attracted a special guest, Lieutenant Wolf, the leader of a task force in the NCPD. He came here with the purpose of recruiting the best driver to join the professional task force. Because of that, this event attracts more and more people. And you are also one of them, with the goal of becoming a professional NCPD special agent.

Diverse gameplay

Furious: Heat Racing is developed offline racing gameplay. Thereby, players will experience the game according to the tasks of the main plot. There will be no online game mode between all players worldwide. Accordingly, the game offers many different game modes for you to try. Examples are Street Racing, Time Trials, Dam Police, Car Deliverers and Drag Races…

Each mode above has its own difficulty and challenges for you. Completing each mission, you will receive valuable rewards and gifts. And the amount of that reward depends on whether the task results you complete are good or not.

The game also has a money bet mode in each car race. Once you feel confident in your abilities, increase your bets to earn more after each race. And of course, this game mode is high risk. If you are reckless, you can get rich quickly. On the contrary, if you take risks, you can go bankrupt overnight. Play with your smart calculation and discernment.

Racing car system

As a racing game, of course the car system in Furious: Heat Racing must be diverse. The game offers a lot of different vehicles for you to choose from. In addition to unlocking new cars, you can also customize the appearance of your car. You can change the paint color in every position of the car to get your favorite color, and really unique. Or you can also add decals to make the car more majestic.

In addition, upgrading racing cars is also quite important. Therefore, you need to use the bonus wisely. Your cars need to be upgraded to make it stronger, faster.

Stunning graphics

Graphics of Furious: Heat Racing are highly appreciated by players. In the previous Furious: Payback version, it was also equipped with pretty good quality 3D graphics. As for the new Furious: Heat Racing version, it inherits the best of the Payback version, and further improves to bring a great, higher quality graphics background.

As a result, Furious: Heat Racing offers quite high quality 3D graphics compared to games of the same genre. You will admire the extremely dramatic and realistic racing scenes. You even feel like you are watching racing action movies.

Realistic environment

To provide the most realistic experience, Furious: Heat Racing is designed with a real-life environment. Almost every game mode takes place at night. Landscapes of cities and countryside in the game appear realistically. There’s even a weather system, when it’s rainy, windy, and dry. The beautiful racing tracks emerge thanks to the extremely spectacular lighting effects.

MOD APK version of Furious: Heat Racing

MOD features

Unlimited Money

Download Furious: Heat Racing MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, the Furious: Heat Racing version has brought a familiar but not boring experience. Because it was built with the story following the old part, combined with many new game modes, new features… And the graphics are also upgraded. So what are you waiting for without downloading Furious: Heat Racing MOD APK now to experience it!

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