Followers Assistant v38.0 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 27/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:38.0
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Followers Assistant Team
Package:Google Play Link

Followers Assistant is an application exclusively for Instagram, used to track changes in the Follower of each account you have. And not only that, Followers Assistant also offers practical solutions.

Introduce about Followers Assistant

“Good idea app”, “Very practical for Instagram account management”, “Easy to use, good and accurate tracking”… And many positive comments you can read about Followers Assistant app. So what does Followers Assistant actually help you with, and is there anything to keep in mind when using this application? Follow followers on social networks: to update the situation and have appropriate reactions.

Unfollowing on Instagram shows a culture of interpersonal behavior. Suppose you happened to find out that your best friend has unfollowed you on Instagram, how would you react? Be silent as if you have not seen anything or unfollow the opposite to vent your anger? Or ask to meet in real life to clarify the truth? Everyone has a different reaction. But first, you need to control who is following, who has unfollowed you first. Grasp the shape and then slowly process it further before it’s too late.

And to know the best of the verb ‘collective’ of your Instagram followers, you also need a way. One of the simple ways today is Followers Assistant.

What can Followers Assistant help you with?

Followers Assistant is exactly an active “assistant”, helping you to track followers on your Instagram account. It also helps you to unfollow a bunch of elements that have just unfollowed you. All that work is done with just one touch of the screen.

The benefits and features sound simple, right? Can you tell for yourself who just unfollowed you? Into an account you can know right away? But that’s when you only have one Instagram account, and that account only has a few followers. With less than 100 followers, you can easily check who has unfollowed you.

It’s much more complicated when you have 3-4 Instagram accounts. Especially when you’re a pretty social media celebrity. Or each account you use for a separate thing, use to reach different audiences. Sometimes, the number of followers can be up to thousands, millions. Then how do you manage?

The only way is to use a tool that specializes in doing this. That’s the Followers Assistant. Thanks to that, you can know the silent anti or unfollow actions of some people who “have problems” with you. And that’s just the main feature. This app goes deeper than you think with the extra features below.

Offer a series of “defensive” actions

Followers Assistant also gives you a countermeasure: if anyone doesn’t like me, I don’t like them either. Specifically, the app allows you to unfollow up to 50 people who have unfollowed you. And operate in just one touch. And for important people, you can put them on the White list to never unfollow them.

Deep and precise management through a diligent app like Followers Assistant will always give you a broader and more refined view of your Instagram accounts. You can know specifically who your friends and a certain follower have mutual followers, and in those mutual followers who you are not following. Of course, the red alert is still people who have just unfollowed you on Instagram.

In case you have multiple Instagram accounts at the same time, you can take advantage of Followers Assistant’s Multiple Account Login capability to log in and quickly switch between accounts at the same time.

Summary of main features

  • “Don’t follow me back” button: helps you see who is following but not following you back;
  • Mutual: see a list of your “common friends” and a certain follower;
  • Follow back: help follow back those you used to unfollow on Instagram;
  • I follow: list all the people you are following on Instagram;
  • Recent Unfollowers: Here’s the benefit, a list of new people who unfollow you. Attendance ends within a second;
  • Starred: to star a special friend who always wants to follow by tapping on their nick and holding until the star shows up;
  • Mass unfollow: allows you to unfollow up to 50 people at once with just one touch on the screen.

MOD APK version of Followers Assistant

MOD features

Pro Unlocked: All premium features in the Pro plan are unlocked. You don’t have to spend money to experience those features.

Download Followers Assistant MOD APK for Android

Followers Assistant is easy to understand, easy to use, and has a vivid intuitive interface. All key features are displayed on the screen to help you quickly use and manipulate. Need to manage the changes taking place in your Followers, just download Followers Assistant to your device and log in to your Instagram account. Right now, you can download the Followers Assistant MOD APK application to experience it. Don’t miss our MOD version, it’s more awesome than you think!

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