FitOn v5.2.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.2.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

FitOn is a health application that is trusted and used by many people. It is one of the top apps for fitness and healthy diet. Let’s learn about this application with us right here!

Introducing FitOn 

FitOn is an application that helps you keep fit, mentally balanced and have a scientific diet. If you are looking for such an application, do not hesitate to download FitOn right away. The application promises to bring great experiences to users.

What is FitOn?

FitOn is an application that helps users exercise at home, instead of having to go to the gym. When you download this app, you will immediately have a list of exercise videos with high quality audio and images. In particular, you can learn a lot of unique bodybuilding exercises from famous people and top experts.

In addition, the application also has a series of detailed and dedicated suggestions for the scientific diet process. Even special exercises and diets for different purposes are available on the app. For example, a person who wants to gain muscle and lose fat will have a different diet and exercise routine than someone who wants to gain or lose weight strictly.

Fitness tips from top experts

When you work out with FitOn, you will be provided with exercises for each specific purpose, and for each body part that you want to be slimmer, more toned. Like exercises for the buttocks, thighs, abs, full body movement, weight maintenance, weight loss or gain.

Exercises will be flexibly tailored to your specific needs as you enter them during the first steps of the FitOn warm-up. After that, a lot of different classes will appear. And all of them are researched and designed by top fitness trainers. Each class will have multiple exercises, each with full voice and video instruction.

FitOn is the most comprehensive fitness training app

For those who have ever cared about health and weight, surely know that: exercise and diet must go hand in hand if you want to have a toned and lean body. However, within each of those areas has its own comprehensiveness.

For example, you want to improve your overall fitness and maintain your ideal body weight. To do that, you can’t just exercise your abs, but you should combine it with many other forms of exercise such as yoga, plank,… Similarly with a diet, always follow a scientific regimen. Study in accordance with the physical condition and each exercise of the day, especially combined with a free day of eating and drinking.

  • FitOn demonstrates its comprehensiveness through a series of useful features as follows:
  • Hundreds of instructional videos help users learn and practice with celebrities
  • Fitness tracking feature
  • Review the results and suggest further appropriate exercises
  • There are many great articles that advise on how to take care of your body and mind

In addition, when using this application, you can participate in live ratings to push your limits, track your workouts and share with friends for more motivation. You can even text friends to exercise together on time, even when you’re miles apart.

MOD APK version of FitOn

FitOn application is released by the publisher in two versions for users. One version allows users to use it for free but has limited features. The other version requires users to upgrade and pay a fee to use. That’s why we have created the MOD APK version with full features like the paid version of the app.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

With Mod FitOn, you will be able to participate in bodybuilding competitions with everyone and take the top positions on the leaderboard. The application also arranges menus of scientific diets and advice on how to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. From there, you can experience all the great features of the application.

Download FitOn MOD APK latest version for Android 

Above is the information that we have provided about FitOn. The application is designed to be small and light so you can practice anytime, anywhere with quality video exercises. Now, just download the app on your phone, you can easily exercise and have a healthy diet at home. So, try downloading and using the FitOn app now.

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