Pacer Pedometer vp11.4.2 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 17/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:p11.4.2
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Pacer Health
Package:Google Play Link

Just download the Pacer Pedometer MOD APK application, you can track your steps with just one phone. At the same time, this application is also a health expert with many extremely useful tips.

Introducing the Pacer Pedometer app

Pacer Pedometer is a health care utility for users. It has the ability to receive information and count your steps while jogging. Easily control your activities to help you be more active in your practice. In particular, Pacer Pedometer will monitor your weight and recommend suitable nutrition regimens. If you are someone who is particularly interested in health, do not miss this great application!

Keep track of all your activities

Pacer Pedometer integrates a sensor, it can record human movement. You just need to hold the phone, the application will record steps, calories burned, distance and time. Whether you are walking or jogging, it can accurately record this information. Boost your fitness by using GPS that tracks your every move. Pacer Pedometer will give you great motivation by gradually increasing the number of steps and daily calories burned.

Guaranteed accuracy

  • The sensor inside the application is extremely sensitive, it can almost accurately record the above statistics. In addition, you should also do a few things before running to be more sure:
  • Go to “Step Counting Options” and adjust the Step Count mode if the step counter doesn’t record your steps accurately;
  • If you use cleaning tools, add the app to the “skip” list so the step counter doesn’t go off;
  • Everyone moves differently, so be sure to adjust the sensitivity of the step counter if needed.

Weight and nutrition plan

Pacer Pedometer will continuously track your weight and BMI over time. You can enter your weight and height measurements for the system to analyze. It will tell you whether you should lose weight, gain weight or take other important measures. Finally, this app will also give you some suitable diet. Lifesum is a famous application in the field of nutrition and health care, but Pacer Pedometer is not inferior. Track your fitness improvement progress to see the effect!

Create a group

Pacer Pedometer highly recommends users to create groups on this app. You can invite friends and family to join a common group. There, the statistics of each person will be saved and compared with all the others. Thanks to that, everyone will motivate each other to work even harder. Connect with friends to remind each other to practice every day with Pacer Pedometer!

Important Note

Pacer Pedometer has the ability to count steps even when the standby screen is off. But with some devices, this feature is not compatible. The developer will try to improve this limitation and update as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing this, it is most likely because your device is not supported. Please visit our website regularly to update the latest version of Pacer Pedometer. Maybe in that update, your device has improved.

Free app

Any user can use Pacer Pedometer, because it is completely free. As for the mode of operation, it can work independently without connecting to intermediate devices. No need for a neckband or other hardware, especially a smartwatch, to connect. You also don’t need to do any installation options. Pacer Pedometer can completely track all your activities whether you keep your phone in your hand, pocket, jacket, pocket or purse. No website login required, just download it for free and start tracking your workouts right away.

Some other outstanding features

  • Besides the utilities mentioned above, Pacer Pedometer has countless other interesting features. You can discover in turn downloading and experiencing this app firsthand.
  • Easy to use step counter on any phone;
  • Precise activity tracking and step counting;
  • Monitor weight and BMI;
  • Show trends for your steps, calories and weight;
  • Automatically sync your steps and calories with your MyFitnessPal account.

MOD APK version of Pacer Pedometer

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Pacer Pedometer MOD APK latest for Android

Just download and open the Pacer Pedometer MOD APK application, you will be completely in control of your fitness and diet plan. This is the perfect app to improve your physique, extremely effective motivational app. Moreover, the application is free to use, no need to connect through an intermediary device. Before going out and buying an expensive device, try the Pacer Pedometer first!

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