Serenity v5.4.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 30/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.4.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps
Package:Google Play Link

Serenity MOD APK is an application that provides meditation and mindfulness methods. On the app, all meditation methods and mindfulness techniques are digitized and integrated. Thanks to that, the application helps users to practice at home.

Introduce about Serenity: Guided Meditation

The new era makes people face a lot of pressure, squeezing them from soul to body. Therefore, people always want to find ways to relieve pressure. In particular, meditation is the subject of their choice to regain energy. The Serenity app was born to provide a standard method of meditation and mindfulness. Thanks to that, users can practice meditation at home.

Practice on many levels from low to high

Meditation and mindfulness have a history dating back thousands of years. Under digital technology, the new Serenity was born in 2010 by manufacturer Olson. This is the heart of a former Buddhist monk in London in collaboration with Richard Pierson. The application became popular and resonated greatly after only 2 years of release.

Serenity has hundreds of meditation and mindfulness lessons divided into several levels. You can choose the level that you feel is suitable for studying. Even newbies can get started without a hitch. Each lesson is from 1 to 20 minutes long and covers a variety of topics. After you have completed a level, you will continue with higher levels.

Serenity is suitable even for children

The method of meditation or mindfulness has no age discrimination involved. Therefore, Serenity offers many exercises for children. This is the subject of little attention and attention to mental health care. Parents just need to go to the app and choose the right lesson for their child. Lessons are always updated continuously to support users.

Enhance your ability to concentrate

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of sitting meditation or being mindful. According to research, these two methods bring about intense concentration. Users need to practice deep breathing and concentration for a period of time.

This trains the brain to adapt to increase concentration and avoid distractions. When you focus, your work performance will increase significantly. Minimize deadlines or overload at work or school.

Reduce stress and pressure

People in modern life face the risk of psychological health. They are prone to loss of energy and stress from work and family. The burden of repression makes people not know how to release.

Serenity app will help you relieve those pressures. Just meditating for 10 minutes a day with Serenity helps you to balance your emotions. Relieves stress and pressure, brings optimism and calmness needed. You are no longer alone when practicing meditation because you have Serenity by your side.

Improve sleep quality

Sleep is really important for a person’s mental or physical health. The biological clock can be turned upside down if you do not have the habit of sleeping on time. Serenity will build on your routine to provide effective sleep exercises.

Lessons include instruction in sleeping positions combined with melodious, soothing music. In addition, the application also provides an alarm feature to help you set a timer. You can create a habit of sleeping and waking up at the same time, adjusting the biological clock.

Friendly interface, flexible

The manufacturer offers a friendly and intelligent user interface. Eye-catching colors commensurate with each level, matching the mood of the user. Lessons are divided into separate sections to help you find and learn easily, without spending much time.

Moreover, you do not need to log in to participate in the lessons. This is the outstanding advantage that the application brings. However, we still encourage you to log in to get the most out of the facility.

Clear personal statistics roadmap

Each account will be provided with its own learning path. The data sheet is recorded and re-statisticed, reflecting the user’s development progress. The data includes the duration of participation, the number of sessions and the time to meditate… From there, you can evaluate and see the change in yourself day by day. App creates conditions for users to confidently continue to higher levels.

The app currently attracts more than 45 million monthly users. In particular, Serenity is purchased by thousands of organizations in the UK and the US to support students.

MOD APK version of Serenity

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Download Serenity MOD APK latest version for Android

Download Serenity now to improve yourself and improve your quality of life. Meditation and mindfulness will help you balance your mind and body. Nurturing and cultivating the inner soul is always rich and comfortable. Quickly download and join the lessons today!

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