ePSXe v2.0.17 Mod APK ((License/Cheats/BIOS))

Last updated: 07/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.17
MOD Info:(License/Cheats/BIOS)
Requires:Android 2.3+
Publisher:epsxe software s.l.
Package:Google Play Link

ePSXe makes your PlayStation 1 gaming dreams come true. And the device used is no stranger, is the smartphone you always carry with you.

Introducing the ePSXe app

As you probably already know, there are many great emulators out there that allow you to play games on other platforms on your smartphone. In previous posts, REDMOD has introduced a few emulators such as DamonPS2 Pro, PPSSPP Gold, DraStic DS Emulator… And in this article, the emulator application we mentioned is ePSXe. This is a pretty famous application, released by Epsxe software s.l. This app lets you play classic PS1 games right on your phone.

Recreate the past in your own way

Smartphone applications can now be said to have helped people achieve almost all their wishes. From the smallest things like weather forecast, spell check, to more magical abilities. Like emulating the PlayStation game console on mobile, for example. Whenever you need to replay the classic retro games that were popular on PSX/PS1 consoles, just download ePSXe to use. Sounds interesting, right?

PlayStation has now reached the PS5 category with a unique design that is different from previous Sony consoles. Each line of PS game consoles is associated with a period and milestone of its spectacular development. Sometimes there are even the most unforgettable moments, like the brief collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. Considering the history line, everyone has to admit that PSX / PS1 is a machine with an impressive huge game library. If you haven’t been following PlayStation before, you’ve missed out on this console with the widest variety of games.

But don’t worry, the past can’t come back, but we can recreate the past, our own way! As in the case of using ePSXe to recreate the PSX / PS1 game console on the smartphone you are using. And you can enjoy the classic but equally attractive game store.

What is ePSXe?

ePSXe is an application to emulate PSX / PS1 game consoles on mobile. The goal is to replay the legendary games of the time. Note this is just an emulator application not a free game store. When playing, you still have to spend money to buy games on the general game store of PS. Simply put, after installing ePSXe, your mobile officially becomes a PSX/PS1 game console.

There are many reasons to choose ePSThe legendary PSX/PS1 gaming vehicle

The dream of touching the legendary games that made the PSX/PS1 famous is real. ePSXe is currently the most prominent and trusted PlayStation emulator application on mobile devices today. ePSXe is also trusted because of its high stability, extremely fast save game loads, and 99% compatibility.

It also supports 2-player retro game mode by splitting the phone screen. Particularly for tablets, ePSXe even supports up to 4 players, using the same principle of dividing the screen as on mobile. This split-screen feature makes plowing classic PS games a lot more exciting. There is nothing more attractive than playing with your best friend and recounting old childhood memories. This scene is a dream come true for any gamer.

Or you can share that memory region with your son. Imagine a father and son sitting around a tablet talking and playing games with their children will be very fun. This is also a loving way to connect with your children, and keep them entertained every week.

During game play, ePSXe also helps users optionally change the buttons on the controller emulator. Or you can connect your phone to a PS controller for a more realistic experience. Only the screen is not as big as the original device. But that feeling is really great!

Optimization brings the best experience

In addition, ePSXe also helps to optimize game graphics through OpenGL. As a result, the smooth and beautiful PSX / PS1 game experience is sometimes not inferior to playing on a genuine machine. But when playing on the touch screen, you also have an equally enjoyable experience. Still those buttons, but you just need to gently manipulate the touch screen to play the game.

Games that should not be missed when having ePSXe

These are all legendary names, belonging to different genres, but all have in common that they have contributed to the history of the game industry in general and the reputation of PS in particular. You should try these games as soon as you download this PSX / PS1 emulator application called ePSXe to your mobile device.

  1. Vagrant Story;
  2. Final Fantasy VII;
  3. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night;
  4. Tekken 3;
  5. Gran Turismo 2;
  6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2;
  7. Tomb Raider II;
  8. Spyro the Dragon;
  9. Chrono Cross;
  10. Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver;
  11. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee;
  12. Crash Team Racing;
  13. The Legend Of The Dragoon;
  14. Street Fighter Alpha 3…

And there are many other interesting games. Slowly explore and spend a lot of time exploring the useful features on the ePSXe. The PS1/PSX game experience it supports will be unforgettable.

New feature update

Latest Version: 2.0.15 (Updated on July 12)

  • Fix the error of the touch screen error when pressing 4 buttons at the same time;
  • Improved Dynamic Pad modes;
  • Image overlay added to support displays in 4:3 mode;
  • Added pause support for opening menus – enable in preferences;
  • Disable the magnifying button effect when using the gamepad interface;
  • Problems connecting/rejecting some gamepads while playing games are fixed;
  • Enables audio capture for third-party apps from Android Pie.

MOD APK version of ePSXe

Features MOD

  • License;
  • Ultimate Mod;
  • Cheats + BIOS + Shaders.

Download ePSXe MOD APK free for Android

If you are bored with mobile games, why don’t you try returning to the legendary Console games? With ePSXe, you will have an experience that is both new and familiar to the hit games from many years ago. In particular, the ePSXe MOD APK version that we bring to you is completely free. You just need to download the APK file to experience it immediately.

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