Adguard Premium v4.0.79 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 04/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.79
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

In order not to be bothered by ads, you can try the Adguard Premium experience. With just a few simple steps to install, you will no longer see any ads. You can download our MOD APK version to own the Premium version completely free.

Intrduce about Adguard Premium

Currently, any website application has ads. Because that’s the way to make a profit for website owners or app developers. But it is because of this that users feel extremely uncomfortable. When you play games, or surf the web, the ads that appear are annoying. Therefore, users need a safe and reliable ad blocking tool. There are many tools that can do this. However, not all tools are safe for the device you are using. So we recommend readers a great application that can easily block ads on applications, browsers.

It is AdGuard Content Blocker, a famous name. It was released a long time ago, works well on Windows XP and above, Mac OS X, Android, iOS. In today’s article, we present you the version for Android. It is the premium version of this application, you can download it for free and experience it.

Main features

  • Block strong ads from websites in browsers, YouTube video ads, in-app ads
  • More than 50 ad filters and tailored to each region
  • Having Stealth Mode protects you from tracking actions, ensuring privacy
  • Speed ​​up web surfing by removing ads
  • Allow setting specific website filters, password to prevent access to software

User manual

Block ads on apps

If you want to add or remove ads appearing on the application, you can decide and execute by yourself. To be able to do this, open the app and select Settings> Filtered Apps, you will see a list of pre-selected apps to block ads such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Universal App, etc. To add to the list To block ads for certain applications, click Add Application> select in the list that appears> Add Selected. Or Browse for executablet to browse to the application’s executable file. If you want to cancel blocking, just uncheck the corresponding application.

Block ads on browsers

The tool blocks ads through preset filters, but there are ads or components on the site that you do not like that can be completely removed. When browsing the web, you will see the Adguard icon (shield) in the bottom right corner> click on it> select Block element> click on the ad area, the site element does not want to appear> Block. You can click Preview to preview the result. If you want to cancel, press the x button or click Undo last action. When blocking is complete, click Open Editor to manage the filters you have made.

Conversely, if you trust a certain site you can unblock by clicking Add Exception> selecting Entrie site for the entire site or only this page (This page only)> Add exception.

Block specific websites

This is a common feature on anti-virus programs, protecting children who know how to use the computer but you do not want to access websites with inappropriate content.

In the Settings interface, go to Parental Control> select Enable Parental Control> password settings to protect the settings on the software> Save. You can turn on the option of Safe Search (Enable Safe Search), block downloading of exe software (Block executablet files download).

Now, click Manage the blacklist> enter the website name in the Search domain box> Add site to put on the blacklist. To continue, click on the green bar> enter web name> Enter> Save to save. If you want to edit, click on the address line or press the x button to delete. From now on, when you visit the websites listed on the block list, you will see the image below. The website cannot be accessed and must have a password to open. In addition, when Parental Control is activated, the software will automatically lock the current web page and user interface after about 15 minutes to protect the content and software. You must enter a password to continue using.

On the contrary, you can list the websites that you allow to access at Manager the whitelist. If you need to change the password, click Protect Adguard with a password.


Simple and easy to use is what can be seen when looking at the main screen of Adguard. With the aim of giving users the easiest experience, the features are classified in detail. They are then sorted by categories so that users can quickly find them.

Should you use Adguard?

In order to be able to surf the web most comfortably, you should install Adguard Premium on your device. Currently, the web integrates rampant advertising, making many users feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, ads also cause slow loading speed and lag. Therefore, Adguard will turn off all ads, making it comfortable to use. Not only that, the fact that you don’t need to download a lot of information helps you save data on the network. Too great for a compact app, why not give it a try?

Constantly improving

With the desire to bring all the best to users, the publisher constantly improves and develops the application. In the latest version of the update, our staff has fixed errors according to user reports. Those errors have been checked and completely fixed. The publisher has said that there will be a few more exciting new features updated in the upcoming versions. Please visit Redmod regularly for the fastest updates.

MOD APK version of Adguard

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked: Premium subscription has been permanently unlocked

Download Adguard MOD APK for Android

In general, Adguard Premium helps you use your phone more comfortably, without being bothered by ads. You will be surfing the web, watching movies, playing games without encountering any ads. Moreover, our Adguard Premium APK version is completely free. You can download and use the entire advanced features of this application.

Note: 3.3,230 [RC] = Release Candidate. Normally precursor too full release. Just as good if not the exact same as a full release.

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