Remini v3.7.387.202279766 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.7.387.202279766
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

You want to recover photos from the old days but don’t know how? Do you have a good picture, but the quality is too poor? Don’t worry, Remini is your savior! Instead of spending a lot of money hiring a photo recovery technician, you can now do this for free at home with Remini. More importantly, the way is really simple that you don’t expect.

Introduce about Remini

Developed by the publisher of the same name, Remini has created a fever in many countries around the world. Since Remini launched in early 2019, tens of millions of low resolution, blurred, compressed, and damaged photos have been enhanced. This is an application that helps you to recover and sharpen every photo in seconds. Specifically, how does this app work? What features does it have? Please join us to find out in the article below!

Professional photo estorative capabilities


Pictures taken from the time of modern technology do not have high definition. The colors are quite dark and matte so you don’t want to share it with anyone. Remini is an expert in this field! Remini incorporates advanced AI generation technology to bring advanced technologies and professional film-production level image restoration. Photos from ancient times are quickly refreshed and clearer. Add to that the ability to restore colors to make your photos look new.

Sharpen the image

Poor quality photos, blurred when taken with low devices can also be resolved easily by Remini. After scanning and analyzing blurred spots, the system will automatically sharpen every small detail of the photo. In the end a new photo will be created many times sharper than the original. Your photo will look like it had been taken and edited by a veteran photographer.

Restorative video

In addition to photo recovery, Remini also has the ability to recover low-resolution videos. This is a feature that not all recovery editing apps own. Its usage is similar to image recovery. Now low quality and fuzzy videos will be completely improved. You can also add custom captions to your videos.

Create an animated portrait

Just prepare a portrait photo, Remini will create a very unique cartoon photo. All details on your face will look like the cartoon stroke. And of course, you will be previewed the results before making a decision. The intelligent AI technology system allows it to create a new portrait photo identical to the original while still retaining a cartoon style.

If you really like the feature of creating animations with portrait, you can use this specialized application – ToonMe.

Photo sketch

Have you ever imagined your face sketch image? You don’t have to hire an artist to draw, because Remini will help you. Choose any portrait photo from your library, the system will analyze and immediately give you the results. Sketched photos in black ink will create an artistic product. You will definitely love this feature.

Many other powerful features

In the lower right corner is the “More” section containing many other features in Remini. You can click on it to explore all these great features. Here are the singular among them:

  • Create a scratch image
  • Classic photo creation
  • SlowMo
  • FaceMo
  • Draw portraits with oil paint
  • Manga Bleach
  • Create wink animation


The activity history review feature will help you review all the photos that you have edited before. Its purpose is to help users save drafts so they can go back to restore at any time. During use, it is inevitable to delete mistakenly or feel the old version is better. So you just need to click on this item and get those revisions back at any time.


Remini is designed with a simple, optimized and user-friendly interface. The portrait profile makes it suitable for the design of the phone. Other features are neatly in the “More” section below, will not make the user feel confused. Besides, there are detailed instructions on how to use each feature. Each feature comes with a video of a few seconds showing change after use. It will get you acquainted with Remini as quickly as possible.

Limited use of the free version

The free version will certainly have a limited use of it. With the free version of Remini, you won’t experience all of its features. You can only use a few basic Remini features. Besides, you can only edit up to 5 photos per day. If you have used up, you need to wait until the next day to refresh your use. This is really inconvenient. Finally, the ad will show during use. This is required for the publisher to remain active.

Pro version of Remini

Subscribe to Remini’s Pro plan for an even more advanced experience:

  • Unlimited uses per day: You can comfortably restore your screen without worrying about being limited like the free version.
  • Remove ads: during use, you will never be bothered by ads. They have been completely removed.
  • 5 Free Pro Cards Per Month: You can use Pro card in Enhance + with plenty of options for best results and to fix video quality, reduce blur.

Registration is also very simple and fast. Through the “Register” button in the app, you can refer to 3 prices: $ 5 per month, $ 13.85 per quarter (30% off) and $ 29.99 per year (50% off). If you want the long-term use of Remini, the annual plan is the most economical option.

Should you subscribe for Remini Pro?

The free version is enough for you to experience. But we still encourage you to subscribe to the Pro plan. Why? One day can only recover 5 photos, not to mention the product you are not satisfied with. But for the Pro package, you get limitless experiences in a day, a month. Not only that, the ads always appear, making you feel uncomfortable. Can you wait 30 seconds to use a particular feature? We dare not! Only these 2 factors are enough to make you uncomfortable, not to mention many other limitations. Pro package will thoroughly solve all those factors, giving you the best experience. Hence, Remini’s Pro package is worth using.

New feature of Remini

Latest Version: (Updated on June 10)

In the latest version, this application has been added with Advanced features for users to experience. Along with that, the performance of Remini has also been significantly improved compared to previous older versions. So you will get a better experience in this new version.

Reviews from users

Not too confusing when Remini received a lot of praise from users. With what it brings, this is a very worthy result. Here are some of the user reviews on Google Play:

“The App uses really well. Best of all! Image clarification, animation, … Everyone should download it. Only 5 times a day for free. Just regret this!”

“I wished there was something that would restore all the very bad images that customers bring in every day. Now with Remini, it can do anything. Most of the images are greatly improved. Since using it, I’ve really helped a bad photo get stunning results. “

“This is the nicest designed app that contains everything you need to perfect any photo. I was able to take a screenshot of a photo someone took with their phone of a yearbook page. very old contains an old faded black-and-white photo of my recently deceased grandfather. Unexpectedly, I made that picture perfect for Remini “

“As a photo editor, when I heard about this app I tried it out and see what the rumors are … I’m glad I decided to give it a try !!! It does an incredible job. in improving old and blurred photos while not losing the original photo. A great app! “

MOD APK version of Remini

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall the original Remini that you installed on Google Play (if any).
  • Turn on “unknown sources” and download the APK file below to your phone
  • Once the download completes, click on the file and choose “install”
  • The process is complete, open Remini and experience the version without ads


There are too many ads, how can I delete the ads in Remini?

To be able to remove ads, you need to subscribe to Remini’s Pro package. Alternatively, you can also use our completely free MOD (Remove Ads) version – go to and search for Remini at the homepage.

How to recover multiple photos with Rimini in a day?

If you are on the free version it can only be restored up to 5 times a day. You will need to wait until the next day to be able to resume. But if you sign up for Remini Pro, the number of uses will be limitless.

Why can’t I use the “Enhance +” feature in Remini?

To be able to use Enhance +, you need Pro Card because it is a premium feature. If you subscribe to Remini Pro, you will receive 5 Pro Cards per month. In addition, you can also buy additional cards at stores located in Remini with many different prices.

If I exit while editing a photo, will I lose a turn?

Usage is counted only after you have saved your product. Therefore, you can freely restore and edit with Remini until you like so that you do not lose one turn of use.

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Download Remini MOD APK latest version for Android

Remini – the app that brings the sky of memory to your life! No more worrying about blurred or outdated colors, Remini will help you recover it quickly and perfectly. Remini’s reliability is reflected in its extremely large number of hits, downloads and numerous positive reviews on Google Play. Download Remini and let the app prove its capabilities to you!

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