Dictionary & Translator MOD APK 24.3.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/08/2022 (2 weeks ago)

Latest Version:24.3.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Bravolol - Language Learning
Package:Google Play Link

Dictionary & Translator MOD APK is a useful English-Vietnamese dictionary lookup application. There is nothing better than having a dictionary to improve language learning effectively.

Introducing Dictionary & Translator

Dictionary & Translator helps improve English learning ability. Thanks to its useful features, the app has been downloaded by more than 5 million trusted users. The application is released by Bravolol – A publisher specializing in creating applications to support language learning. The app includes a full range of English-Vietnamese words, examples and more.

Access and use offline dictionaries

Instead of having to go online to look up, the application helps users to look up offline anytime, anywhere. The application has the ability to store all the words so that the lookup can be used in any case. Although used offline, the application is completely full of unlimited words.

Standard English pronunciation with Dictionary & Translator

This is definitely a feature that helps users improve their language learning effectively. Applications that ensure standard English pronunciation like Cambridge make it easy to imitate and learn. This feature supports reading English even when you are offline.

Save search history

Not every word when looking up users can remember immediately but need to meet and look up a lot. The application will support saving search history to help the searched word jump to the top of the search bar. Dictionary & Translator will save that word as a favorite word for users to remember easily.

Support related search terms

After looking up the word, the application will give the user a few related words that share the same topic. This feature helps to expand vocabulary effectively. For example, if you look up the meaning of the word carrot, the application will suggest that the word broccoli is also related to vegetables. Improving vocabulary is one of the most effective ways in language learning.

Easy-to-understand, rich examples

The application of new words to a particular sentence is an effective method of remembering words. Then the vocabulary can be better understood, what situations should use this word. The application examples provided are all simple, easy-to-understand examples in the form of single sentences. Users can learn more and more vocabulary by this useful feature.

Create self-study cards

This is a feature that helps self-study effectively. The application supports the creation of cards containing searched words and meanings to help learners review. The feature enhances the ability to remember words and reflexes for users. When just seeing words, users can easily pop out their meanings quickly.

Custom font size

Users can customize the size freely at will. Language learning is not only for young people but also for old people. Not everyone has good eyesight, so this feature is very useful in looking up. Proper font size helps the eyes to be properly adjusted and does not cause discomfort.

MOD APK version of Dictionary & Translator

Dictionary & Translator can be downloaded for free on many different platforms. However, since the app is not paid, it still has a few limitations. The publisher therefore provided the Premium version to solve those problems. However, instead of spending money on the Premium version, you can download Dictionary & Translator MOD APK.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

The MOD feature of this application has helped unlock the Premium version. You can now use the app with the following extensions:

  • No Ads: Ads are often annoying for users because they often appear at unexpected times. Premium version  removes ads to ensure an enhanced user experience
  • 10 groups of custom bookmarks: The application helps to create up to 10 groups of bookmarks equivalent to 10 vocabulary topics. With this feature, users can create groups of words to learn by topic. Learning vocabulary by topic tends to be easier to memorize than learning words by word.
    1000 bookmarks for each group: The premium feature offers up to 1000+ bookmarks to bookmark. For each vocabulary topic, which can contain hundreds of words. Bookmarks help to accurately mark important words and where they paused.
  • 2000 characters in compilation: The application gives you 2000 characters for compilation. There are words with many meanings when looking up does not always give the desired result. The feature helps to add other meanings such as figurative, slang for users to apply in many cases.

Download Dictionary & Translator MOD APK latest version for Android

Dictionary & Translator is currently an English lookup support tool trusted by millions of users. Installing this application helps improve your ability to learn English vocabulary effectively. Download Dictionary & Translator app now to look up and improve English vocabulary.

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