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Have you ever felt bored with your current self? If you are feeling this way, we have a way for you to entertain and create a new life for you. We will let you start a new life more comfortable, more freedom without having to worry about anything. Without pressure, without fatigue, your new life is full of joys and discoveries. By participating in Avakin Life, you will experience an extremely exciting role-playing simulation game.

Introducing Avakin Life

Avakin Life MOD APK is a simulation game of your second life, a life you have never imagined. This game was released by Lockwood Publishing, it was launched a long time ago. But until now, the game is still very popular with many players. That’s because Avakin Life is constantly adding new content and features. So far, this game has received hundreds of downloads from Google Play. This game is suitable for many objects, favored by players around the world.

Start a new life

Avakin Life is a 3D virtual world so you can start a whole new life. Here, you will play the role of a completely different person, not you in reality. You will be able to wear other costumes with your usual style, meet and chat with new friends, a really interesting life. You can create your avatar and join millions of other players around the world. Start choosing your character, build your dream home, chat and make friends with other players, … This new life will be more comfortable, let you do what you like, things you dare not do in the real world.

Create your character

The first thing you do when joining this Avakin Life game is to create a profile for your character. You choose any character in the game’s character system. This step is not very important, because you can adjust the details as you like. When choosing a character, you will begin to customize the appearance of the character. There are many options for the appearance of the character such as shape, hair, eye color and many other things. Therefore, your character will not be the same as the characters of other players. Add to that another fashion style that will accentuate your character.

Build a dream house

You have a fairly large house, and you can redesign it to create a dream home. You have different options for creating a dream home, classic or modern! Please decorate the house with many luxurious and comfortable furniture. Along with that, many things to decorate the house become more playful and more romantic. Here, you can do whatever you want, without the barrier of the family. You can invite your friends to come and organize big parties.

Realistic graphics

Game Avakin Life was developed with impressive quality 3D graphics. All designs in the game are created in real life, so you get the most authentic experience. The system of characters will be unique shaped people, who come from many countries around the world. There are yellow people, white people, brown skin or black skin. Styles and objects in the game are also designed in detail. However, one thing we don’t like about this game is its movement. The movement of the character is not smooth, there is no authenticity.

MOD APK version of Avakin Life

If you play the original game, of course you will spend a lot of time making money to unlock the items you want. To make a lot of money, you need to spend a lot of time playing games. Therefore, those who do not have much free time will hardly have an enjoyable life in this game. Therefore, we have brought Avakin Life MOD APK version for you. This version has many unique features to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Here are unique features only in this MOD version:

Unlocked All: Normally, you have to go to the store to buy the things you want, such as costumes, furniture, … However, with this feature, you can use anything new without Take any money to buy them.

Note about the MOD version of Avakin Life

You should note that, Avakin Life is an online game, so unlocking all the in-game items only you can see. Other players will not be able to see that. Second, this game cannot have the Unlimited Money feature. Therefore, every notification game that has this feature is fake. In older versions of Avakin Life, there was another MOD feature, the MOD Menu, but this feature no longer worked in the new versions.

Download Avakin Life MOD APK for Android

Overall, Avakin Life is an interesting game that you should try. With Avakin Life, you will experience a new life, a whole new person of yourself. You will become a disruptive person, do whatever you like without having to worry about anything. This game is yours, you can do everything to make yourself happy. Therefore, this game is very attractive, you can hardly stop when playing the game. However, you should not play the game for too long to not affect health.

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