Always On Edge v8.3.7 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 10/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:8.3.7
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

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Introduce about Always On Edge

Always On Edge is an application that makes your phone stand out. It allows you to set notification lighting effects and always on display. This application is very easy to use and produces outstanding and eye-catching effects. Not only that, you will be surprised with the outstanding feature series of Always On Edge. Join us to learn more about this wonderful application!

Always On Edge APK Download 444x789

Some key features

Light customization

You can adjust full screen lighting or edge lighting. If you only like to show up in the light when notified, can go to the customization and settings. You can also set individual views for different application notifications. Screen border is the most impressive point for users. However, the models usually do not have this feature. Therefore, Always On Edge helps you with those shortcomings. You can freely adjust the colors of the display. Always On Edge offers you loads of vibrant colors and eye-catching effects.

Timer display

If you don’t want the screen always on, you can set up timer. The system will receive and every time you adjust will display once. You can also flexibly adjust the high or low brightness. For example, during the day you need to display higher brightness than at night to see better.

Always On Edge MOD Download 444x789

Notification light

The notification light is another important feature that you should try out. One of the most recognizable features is Reminders. Lighting will be repeated each time notification. You can also choose to replace the notification sound.

Clock display

The display of the clock on the lock screen also brings a lot of convenience to the user. With Always On Edge, you can customize many watch features such as:

  • Watch design and size
  • Time zone, language and date
  • Primary and secondary colors of the watch

More features

With the arrival of Always On Edge, you can customize countless widgets on the lock screen. In this article, we only mention the features seen through the experience. For the fullest view, you should experience the awesomeness of this app for yourself. Here are some other features:

  • Battery level display
  • Edge light
  • More widgets
  • Animated emoticons
  • Edge Lighting Adjustment
  • Adjust the distance between Edges and the Device screen angle
Always On Edge MOD 444x789

Compatible with a variety of screens

Current phones often have a vertical shape to make it easy for users to hold and use. And Always On Edge will also work best on these screens. However, if you don’t use the vertical screen, don’t worry too much. Always On Edge also supports lighting in all screen states, off or on, landscape or portrait. In short, this application can be used on all current models on the market.


You can easily recognize this application has a minimalist and smart interface. The simplicity will help Always On Edge quickly reach users. They can quickly discover this application after only a short time of use. Besides, its intelligence is reflected in the delicate arrangement of categories. You can find all the features you need quickly. All the most popular features of this app have been neatly placed in the home screen. The main black color brings a simple but also very eye-catching look to the interface of this application.

Always On Edge Pro

Always On Edge’s Pro subscription will help you experience more powerful features. Some exclusive features will be limited to the free version. In addition, with a Pro subscription, you will get rid of annoying ads during use.

Pro APK version of Always On Edge

Some users won’t want to pay for some unknown app. Therefore, our MOD version will help you experience for free. Always On Edge has permanently unlocked all limited features, equivalent to a Pro subscription. There is no monthly maintenance fee required. Just download the free fiel below, the rest is to experience all the great features.

Besides, our MOD version also gives you the following features:

  • Remove ads
  • Disable/Remove unwanted permissions
  • Multi-language support
  • Turn off Google Play installation package check
  • Remove debug code
  • More than that…
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Download Always On Edge MOD APK at

Reviews from users

For an overview of this application, you can refer to the reviews from people who have used this application. Here are some reviews from users on Google Play:

“Great! We want to add light with the application we want to open. Please add light with the application we want to run it.”

“I did not expect this application to make my phone so beautiful. Now I like to hold the phone in my hand at night because it is so outstanding. However, if the publisher adds more new colors more strange than that, it’s great. But anyway this app is pretty perfect for me.”

“I will definitely sign up for the Pro package of this app. It gives me a new look on the lock screen. Not only that, but I’m reminded of important notifications. Being able to display a sync pattern The unique lake is also fun. What a great app!”

“I know this application through a friend’s recommendation. I tried it and it surprised me very much because it has so many interesting features. Not only beautify the lock screen for my phone. , it also helps to display important notifications. Hopefully new updates will bring more great features. 5 stars for Always On Edge”

Download Always On Edge Pro APK for Android

Make your phone stand out with an eye-catching display. Not only that, this application also helps you remind important notifications. Easy to use, great efficiency and what it brings to its users. Be a smart user with Always On Edge. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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