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Download Always On Edge MOD APK to highlight your phone. With eye-catching effects and convenient features, this application will give you the greatest satisfaction.

Introduce about Always On Edge

Always On Edge is an application that makes your phone stand out. It allows you to set notification lighting effects and always on display. This application is very easy to use and produces outstanding and eye-catching effects. Not only that, you will be surprised with the outstanding feature series of Always On Edge. Join us to learn more about this wonderful application!

Some key features

Light customization

You can adjust full screen lighting or edge lighting. If you only like to show up in the light when notified, can go to the customization and settings. You can also set individual views for different application notifications. Screen border is the most impressive point for users. However, the models usually do not have this feature. Therefore, Always On Edge helps you with those shortcomings. You can freely adjust the colors of the display. Always On Edge offers you loads of vibrant colors and eye-catching effects.

Timer display

If you don’t want the screen always on, you can set up timer. The system will receive and every time you adjust will display once. You can also flexibly adjust the high or low brightness. For example, during the day you need to display higher brightness than at night to see better.

Notification light

The notification light is another important feature that you should try out. One of the most recognizable features is Reminders. Lighting will be repeated each time notification. You can also choose to replace the notification sound.

Always On Edge Pro

Always On Edge’s Pro subscription will help you experience more powerful features. Some exclusive features will be limited to the free version. In addition, with a Pro subscription, you will get rid of annoying ads during use.

Pro APK version of Always On Edge

Some users won’t want to pay for some unknown app. Therefore, our MOD version will help you experience for free. Always On Edge has permanently unlocked all limited features, equivalent to a Pro subscription. There is no monthly maintenance fee required. Just download the free fiel below, the rest is to experience all the great features.

Download Always On Edge Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Make your phone stand out with an eye-catching display. Not only that, it also helps you to remind important announcements. Become a smart user with Always On Edge. Click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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