ESET Mobile v9.0.32.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 02/08/2022 (2 years ago)

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MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
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ESET Mobile MOD APK is an application that helps to secure your phone. With this application, all operations using the device are guaranteed to be safe.

Intruducing ESET Mobile Security Antivirus

ESET Mobile is developed by ESET – a publisher specializing in creating secure applications. The application is trusted by many people with more than 10 million downloads. High security is what made the name of this application.

ESET Mobile helps you secure payments

This feature allows users to shop safely online. The bank linked to the shopping site will have added security by the app. Users can avoid scams, lose money. Any web browsing transactions can take place securely. This is a very important feature for you, as well as any other user.

Active anti-theft

Anti-Theft is the most powerful security feature that the application offers to users. Phones are an inseparable part of many people, often used to store important information. Lost phones easily expose confidential information, bad guys can spread sensitive information. Users should not worry because ESET Mobile has provided Anti-Theft feature.

Proactively detecting people with suspicious behavior is the first feature Anti-Theft offers. Those who try the wrong password many times will be captured by the camera and notified to the user. From there the user can identify who the crook is.

Anti-Theft also offers device tracking capabilities. The device’s location will be sent to you at the last location when the battery is low. Thanks to that, the user can determine where the device is. The device location can be accurately determined no matter how complicated the nooks and crannies.

Erase data is the most security level this feature offers. In case the device cannot be found, the application can erase all data of the device. From there, all information will not be exposed. The crooks only get a blank phone, white information.


The feature will help users identify which websites are phishing sites when browsing the web. When you visit a malicious website, the ESET software database will immediately detect it. From there, the application will quickly block that website and send you a notification. Users will not have to fear when browsing the web anymore because the security of this application is very high.

Cyberspace is always full of risks. Even just connecting to an unknown IP, the possibility of data loss is very high. To mitigate those risks, ESET has provided network data scanning. Through data inspection, the application will detect security holes in cyberspace. From there, safety warnings will be sent to users to be more careful.

Security Features

Strange numbers, unknown numbers, numbers reported by many people will be blocked by the application. To ensure the device is not infected with malicious code, those calls will be immediately blacklisted. That phone number will no longer be able to contact this party, avoiding trouble for users.

It is not always that we will be free and take the time to scan the security of the device. So the application provided a security check feature at the time it was selected. Users can choose when to go to sleep or charge the device so that the application can check. The security check then will not affect the user and can happen quickly.

App Lock

Every app in the device can set the app lock feature. Every time you access the application, the user will need to authenticate the password to use it. Sensitive applications such as messages, messengers, telegrams, etc. need to be well secured. The content when sharing the device will be enhanced security, ensuring confidential information.

Adware Detector 

Ads that appear unexpectedly easily annoy users. Therefore, the application has the feature to identify and remove apps with unexpected ads. Those ads, unfortunately, when users right-click, it is very easy for malicious code to penetrate. Malicious code abounds in advertisements on websites and apps. Users need to be careful when using the device to avoid damage to the machine and software.

Check access

Every app needs user permission to use features. ESET Mobile will perform a scan of applications to view access permissions. Applications that need too many unnecessary permissions will be suggested to be removed.

MOD APK version of ESET Mobile 

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Download ESET Mobile MOD APK latest version for Android

ESET Mobile is currently a useful information security application trusted by millions of users. Installing this application helps you protect your device anytime, anywhere. Download the ESET Mobile  app now to protect your smartphone.

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