Smolsies 2 v2.2.67 Mod APK (Free Shopping, No Ads)

Last updated: 13/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.67
MOD Info:Free Shopping, No Ads
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Smolsies 2 is a new version of the educational game of the same name, which was just released a few days ago. Now, you and the children continue to have an extremely interesting experience with the lovely Pets in the Smolsies house.

Giới thiệu game Smolsies 2

Smolsies 2 is not a new name, but a new version with many added features to bring a more engaging experience. The first version of Smolsies was released quite a while ago by developer TutoTOONS. It is considered as one of the most loved educational games, just like My City. This game has received more than 50 million downloads on Google Play alone, a very impressive number.

After that success, TutoTOONS has released a new version of this game, which is Smolsies 2. Accordingly, this 2nd version still has the same familiar gameplay as the old version. And of course, there will be a lot of new stories and new features for players to discover.

Lovely house for kids

House Smolsies is back with more fun and laughter for kids. This is a home for those who love cute animals and take care of them like friends. Most kids love to keep one or more cute animals to talk and play with. And this game will be extremely suitable for them. The game brings the kids to the happy house of Smolsies, where there are many kinds of beautiful pets and many stories for them to discover.

Collect and nurture Pet

In the game, children have the opportunity to collect pets themselves. Initially, you only have colorful eggs. You have to incubate all those eggs to hatch cute pets. They are uniquely shaped animals with adorable expressions.

You need to take care of them like babies. Prepare them with suitable bottles of milk and food to take care of them every day. And with each day, you see them grow bigger and more crowded. You, as well as the kids, will be happy about it. Pets are like members of your family, with them discover interesting stories.

Discover interesting stories

Virtual pets in the game Smolsies 2 are very curious, they want to explore everything in life. In this pet house, there are many things for them to learn. Along with that are fascinating stories, with funny gifts, and many other secrets. Not only the story inside the house, but the outside of the house also has many things for them to discover.

Play mini games

In addition to discovering funny stories, you also get to play interesting mini games to receive rewards. This feature helps children when playing games will not feel bored. It can be entertaining racing games, simple puzzles… Completing each game, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards.

Bright and funny pictures

As a game for children, Smolsies 2 is designed with very eye-catching visuals. All images in the game are designed simply with bright colors. Because children are often attracted to bright, vibrant colors. Especially the shaping part for the Pets in the game. They are animals that are close to us every day such as dogs, cats, birds, squirrels,… But they are shaped quite funny with round fat appearance, extremely lovely big eyes.

As for the quality of graphics, the game Smolsies 2 is only developed with 2D graphics. Since this game is suitable for children, the high-quality 3D graphics will not be suitable for them. If playing a 3D game for a long time, even adults will feel eyestrain. So a sharp 2D graphics background is more than enough for this game.

MOD APK version of Smolsies 2

MOD featues

  • Remove Ads
  • Free Shopping: You can shop with real money for free. But you need to make sure Internet request and authorization in Google services.

Download Smolsies 2 MOD APK latest for Android

Smolsies 2 continues to bring exciting and rewarding experiences for children. And even adults are interested in this game. It is absolutely safe and does not have any adverse effects on the development of children. When playing games, they are both entertained and learn interesting things in life. And especially, they will feel more love for animals. And here is the link to download the Smolsies 2 MOD APK game for you!

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