LEGO DUPLO MARVEL v12.1.0 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 20/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:12.1.0
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0
Package:Google Play Link

The game introduced today is an educational game for kids. It can both entertain your kids and learn many skills. It’s the LEGO DUPLO MARVEL game, a product of StoryToys.

Introducing the game LEGO DUPLO MARVEL

LEGO DUPLO MARVEL was released a few days ago. Before that, it was introduced on Google Play as an experiment. And now the official version of the game has been released. Accordingly, this is a game of the educational genre and combines many other interesting elements such as action, role-playing, adventure in the fantasy world of superheroes.

You may not know, StoryToys is a game developer for children. They have released a lot of interesting and extremely useful games for the development of children. And LEGO DUPLO MARVEL is the latest that they just released. Currently the game is available on Google Play or AppStore for you to choose from. However, the purpose of this article is that we bring you the LEGO DUPLO MARVEL MOD APK version.

The combination of LEGO and Marvel

Usually, a mobile game is selected a certain famous brand to develop. But with LEGO DUPLO MARVEL, it is inspired by two of the world’s top famous entertainment brands today. The first is LEGO, a famous Danish children’s toy brand in the world. And everyone’s childhood is associated with interesting LEGO toys.

Next is Marvel, the universe of superheroes that children have always admired and dreamed of becoming. Surely every child has a dream of having super powers like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-man,… This Spider-man game will help them fulfill that dream!

Therefore, LEGO DUPLO MARVEL is a combination that cannot be better. It is this interesting combination that helps the game attract adults to play the game. Because Marvel is a brand that has many fans. In the game, you can see Marvel characters being renewed in a very unique LEGO toy style.

Trademark Copyright

Players can rest assured about the copyright of the LEGO DUPLO MARVEL game. The developer has received the image rights as well as the trademark rights to create this game. Since both of the above brands are very big and famous, the copyright issue is very important.

Exploration gameplay is extremely fun

Coming to the game, your child can experience many different interesting stories. They are impersonated superheroes they like to perform noble tasks. Their ideal goal is to save the world from evil forces. With the super powers of the Marvel characters, the kids will feel extremely excited.

In addition to adventures, the game also offers interesting puzzles to challenge your baby’s intelligence. Those are just quite simple puzzles to stimulate the thinking and judgment of children. Another interesting game mode is to assemble 3D LEGO blocks to form a certain toy. This minigame is also loved by children, as it can stimulate their creativity.

Useful and safe games for children

As the developer introduces, this game is suitable for children from 3 years old and up. Because then, the kids are aware enough to understand what’s going on in the game. Through the role-playing of Marvel heroes, children will develop well in terms of imagination. Or they can develop self-confidence through positive play experiences. Or with the assembled models, the game will stimulate their curiosity.

In particular, the game for children is fitted with puzzle pieces to create a certain character or object. And of course, this will stimulate creativity for children. In addition, the game has many interesting puzzles, not too difficult to challenge the kids.

Why is LEGO DUPLO MARVEL game safe for children? Because StoryToys takes children’s privacy very seriously. They ensure that their applications comply with privacy laws. The most important of which is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Therefore, you can rest assured to let them experience this game.

Lovely graphics

As a game for children, LEGO DUPLO MARVEL does not need high-quality graphics. Therefore, it is equipped with medium quality 2D graphics. But in return, the shape and color system in the game is extremely outstanding. All colors in the game are bright and outstanding color games. Along with that are the extremely funny and lovely shapes of the character system.

The characters are created from a combination of Marvel characters and LEGO toys. That means the character’s shape is square like LEGO, and the costumes and colors follow the appearance of Marvel characters. Even adults find this style interesting. Therefore, the kids will definitely like the image in the game.


MOD features

Unlock: LEGO DUPLO MARVEL game is free to download, but there is a cost to play. For example, paid packages to play more. To unlock, you have to lose real money. But with MOD APK version, those paid packages have been unlocked completely for free.

Download LEGO DUPLO MARVEL MOD APK for Android

With simple gameplay but no less fun, LEGO DUPLO MARVEL is definitely a good choice for the kids as well as your whole family. Instead of letting them play shooting and fighting games that are toxic to children, let them explore this game. Because it’s so much more rewarding, especially without the ads that annoy them. Right now, you can download LEGO DUPLO MARVEL MOD APK for your family to explore!

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