Poppin icon pack v2.5.3 Mod APK (Patched)

Last updated: 28/11/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:2.5.3
MOD Info:Patched
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Poppin icon pack will refresh you a bit by changing the look of all the icons displayed on your phone, with a cute fun style.

Introducing Poppin icon pack

This application is released by developer Bluedocs. If you wonder about them it’s pretty pointless since they’re not a well known developer. And the Poppin icon pack application is also their only product up to the present time. However, it is loved by many users thanks to the interesting and unique features that it brings.

The phone is full of joy

The average person holds a smartphone at least 50 times a day. That means at least 50 times your mood is affected by looking at your phone. If there is a way to make each time feel happier and more excited, then you must find an energetic Icon Pack application.

Currently, there are quite a few icon set applications for smartphones. Each set represents its own style, from classic retro, to modern neon glitter and everything, to complex, minimalism. But that’s still not enough. And if you are looking for a set of cute, cute and lovely tamarind icons with full shapes of beautiful and colorful animals, here Poppin icon pack is waiting to be downloaded quickly.

Personal comments about Poppin icon pack

Talking about Poppin, it can be encapsulated in three lines:

  • Pictures bring happiness;
  • Suitable for all users;
  • There’s it all for every app you use.

Actually, at first, before downloading Poppin icon pack to my device, I was a bit hesitant. Seeing the image on Google Play is very attractive, and excited about it. But I don’t know if it actually works when displayed on the phone. There is a reason to be so worried. Probably because the device in use is not a new phone, not too prominent. Partly because I find the images in the this app really eye-catching and unique, but there are also a lot of small lines, and the color scheme is very detailed. Will they be able to look like this in reality?

But then also risked downloading to try. Everything turned out softer and more beautiful than I imagined. On the screen of my mid-sized phone, the icons appear sharp, vivid and full of details. The energetic color scheme of Poppin icon pack now shows up without any shortage. I was a bit surprised by the sharpness of it all. Going around from the inside out of the phone, I noticed that all the applications and games I have on the device receive a separate and independent icon.

Unique design

The expensive thing is that the artist who made this icon pack was very skillful. Although there are many colors and shapes of different animal characters, the colors are extremely diverse, but the overall look is very neat, simple and surprisingly neat. At a glance at the main screen interface, the characters representing each icon also stand out on the color background and create the animal shape of the icon pack. I have almost no trouble applying Poppin icon pack to my phone. All familiar, recognizable and perfectly seamless.

The most valuable point from Poppin icon pack is that each icon is hand-drawn. Your aesthetic taste and skill level since the application in the machine has naturally gone up a few steps. And looking at these beautiful child icons is also very happy. Fun and unique, what could be better.

Features come with benefits

When you install Poppin icon pack on your device, you can completely increase or decrease the size of the icons while maintaining the same image quality. Change the font of the keyboard, or the general color tone of the icons. Or even adjust the brightness, transparency or increase the float for the icons, it doesn’t matter. This app is one of the few apps of its kind that allows for so much customization.

Currently, this application has more than 4150 funny cartoon icons for users to freely choose. For the same application, you can have a lot of different options according to your own inspiration and preferences. Even if you want, you can change the random one day to a new style, so that every day when you turn on your phone, there is a surprise.

Another special feature of Poppin icon pack is: it is not framed in any style. Users of all ages or personalities can find a common voice: playful for children, fun for adults, and calm for middle-aged people. Every style is in this app.

Poppin icon pack currently has the following Launchers:

  • Nova
  • Action
  • ADW
  • ADW Ex
  • Apex
  • Atom
  • Aviate
  • Go
  • Google Now
  • Holo
  • Holo ICS
  • KK
  • LG Home
  • L
  • Lawnchair
  • LineageOS
  • Lucid
  • Mini
  • Next
  • Pixel
  • S
  • Smart
  • Smart Pro
  • Solo
  • TSF
  • Unicon

MOD APK version of Poppin icon pack

MOD features

  • Paid: Paid via Google Play, completely free to download;
  • Patched

Download app Poppin icon pack MOD APK for Android

If you’re looking for a colorful, stylish icon pack to suit every mood, taste and age, it’s especially deeply customizable. Then this application is a reasonable choice. Please download the Poppin icon pack to use at the download link below.

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