PLAYit v2.7.17.8 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 15/12/2022 (1 year ago)

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MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.2+
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

PLAYit is an application to play videos and listen to online music on phones with outstanding features. This is an application that is being loved and widely used by young people.

Introducing PLAYit

PLAYit is the first product of the publisher PLAYIT TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Since its inception, it has achieved many outstanding achievements. This app has achieved more than 100 million installs with a rating of 4.5/5 stars. With a mobile entertainment application, this number is really surprising and impressive. Let’s find out and immediately download the PLAYit application to your device and discover the useful features available.

What is PLAYit?

PLAYit is an online HD video and music player application. PLAYit application has many powerful features to help you manage, play and customize multimedia files such as photos, videos, mp3.

This app functions as a music player with unlimited content. PLAYit allows users to easily enjoy their favorite songs with good sound quality. Besides, you can customize multimedia files such as photo videos, mp3 with just a few simple steps.

Handy Video Player for Android

PLAYit is a handy video player, you can adjust the video according to your needs. In fact, the PLAYit application is developed and used by many people.

You can adjust the light, volume, and video speed right on the screen. The operations are also extremely simple and easy to perform. You just need to swipe left, right, up, down according to each area on the screen. Adjusting the left side of the screen you can change the light, the right is the volume levels. And in the middle is to zoom in and out of the screen, which is very convenient for watching videos.

PLAYit also supports playing videos in pop-up format. That means even if you access another app, you can still watch your video without interruption. PLAYit also automatically rotates the screen horizontally / vertically, which is very convenient.

Download videos from social networks easily

PLAYit allows you to download videos easily and for free. Regardless of the video on social networking sites like facebook, Twitter,… It can help you download the video you like easily.

The PLAYit app will find the source of the video and display the download tool. You can save videos to your device easily and quickly. Currently, this app supports downloading videos for most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

You can also control your downloads. A list of downloaded and downloaded files will appear. You can check the download speed or cancel the download if you want.

Built-in music player

PLAYit is known as an excellent music player for Android devices. Select “All songs” to be able to listen to all the music of this app.

It is fully equipped with features like a music player by the publisher. It includes music search and filtering. PLAYit allows you to search for tracks by album, artist, etc. You can sort your favorite tracks by release year or alphabetical name depending on your preference.

You can also convert tracks from MP4 to MP3 very simply. Just select the mp4 file you want to convert, all will be processed automatically and output the mp3 file you want. However, the free version will be limited in the number of conversions.

Unique, eye-catching interface

In this app, users can change the interface Dark and Light colors depending on their preferences. You just need to go to “Themes” and choose to change the look and feel of the application. Here you will find a variety of themes with unique designs and colors.

The most popular themes are Black Marble, Moonlight, Monet Painting, Iron Mechanic, Need for Speed, Nature Green… Theme prices range from 500 to 2500 cents, depending on the design and color of the theme. it.

This app has a coin system. You can hunt for coins by participating in special activities. For example, the wheel of fortune, watching ads, etc. And you can use the coins you have accumulated to buy new themes for free.

MOD APK version of PLAYit

In this VIP Unlocked modified version, all those premium features are provided for free. This means you can use all the paid features of PLAYit without paying for it. You will also save money and your video and music quality will also be good.

MOD features

VIP Unlocked

Using the MOD APK version of PLAYit will help users use the following additional features:

  • Unlock unlimited MP3 converter
  • Unlock a whole collection of unique skins
  • Remove the ads

Download PLAYit MOD APK latest version for Android

PLAYit is an easy-to-use application that brings you high-quality videos, diverse music on your own mobile phone. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading the PLAYit MOD APK application for your phone to use VIP features for free.

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