LineX Icon Pack APK v6.4 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 27/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.4
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

LineX Icon Pack APK is an icon store for phone interfaces with colorful neon colors. The application makes your device more eye-catching and has its own substance.

Introduce about LineX Icon Pack

LineX Icon Pack is the best collection of phone icons available in the market. App owns many eye-catching icons for each application. With LineX Icon Pack, the experience every time you use the device will be enjoyable. This application is developed by JustNewDesigns specializing in developing color interface packages for users.

Why do you need to change the icon on the machine interface?

Changing the device icon will bring a new experience to the user. For creatives, change stimulates the mind frequently. Besides, owning a different interface also helps you express your personality. Users can also refresh the phone without tampering with the device’s internals.

Huge icon pack

LineX Icon Pack has more than 5900 colorful icons of the highest quality. With more than thousands of icons, the device will be colorfully arranged, no longer boring. Looking at the device continuously will make the user feel nothing special, need the highlight. The icon pack will help fix that situation with a ton of custom icons at your disposal.

Update new icons regularly

New designs, new colors will be regularly updated by the publisher. Therefore, users can own a large icon store without worrying about using it all. Color icons are released regularly to help change the design and decoration of the device. Newly released icons will ensure to have their own substance, not duplicated with the old one.

Unique wallpaper collection in LineX Icon Pack

LineX Icon Pack will provide users with not only icons but also wallpapers. The wallpaper pack given will always be in high definition and 4K quality. The wallpapers will be divided into groups for users to choose appropriately. You can freely choose the wallpaper that suits you best.

Combining reasonable wallpapers with icons helps to enhance the aesthetics of the device. Besides, the theme wallpapers and icons will create a unique substance for the user.

Adjust the icon as you like

Users can adjust, change the color, size of the icon. Adjust the large and small icons that can be changed as you like. This helps the icons on the screen look more scientific and beautiful. Users set the icon at 85% if they want small icons and 120% if they want large icons. App can meet all your needs and taste.

Icon preview

The preview is a very useful feature when trying out icons. Batch preview makes it easy for users to visualize after installing the icon. The preview feature will come with the search feature. With more than 5900 icons, users need to use search capabilities to find the desired icon.

Create icon folder

LineX Icon Pack gives users the ability to create folders. Each folder will represent a group of user-created icons. Each user icon group can be changed frequently to avoid boredom. The groups will also partly reflect the user’s color.

You can create folders according to seasons or months of the year. Changing the look of your phone is also a step for you to start a new month/season. This will make your life never boring.

Create your own icons

With LineX Icon Pack, users can still create their own icons. This feature will help you affirm your identity and express your own personality. Creating your own logo is extremely easy to do. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a talent for painting. This app will assist you. In addition, the icons have high sharpness and professionalism.

Multiple launcher support

With more than 5900 icons, the pack also needs a launcher to install the icons. The icon pack can match a lot of Launchers on the market. Users need to install the launcher before installing this package on their device. Launchers can be mentioned: Nova launcher, V launcher, Zero launcher, LG home page,…

APK version of LineX Icon Pack


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Download LineX Icon Pack APK latest version for Android

LineX Icon Pack is an icon collection trusted by thousands of users. Installing this icon pack enhances the look and feel of your personal device. Colorful icons will bring a new beauty that is extremely scientific and beautiful. Surely this will be the first device you want to own in your device. Currently, users can download LineX Icon Pack MOD APK via the link below!

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