Movie Merge – Hollywood World v1.16.7 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 10/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.16.7
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Becube Co Ltd
Package:Google Play Link

Movie Merge – Hollywood World MOD APK is a puzzle game, combining extremely interesting simulation gameplay. You will be through the puzzle levels, to build up the world’s leading film production company.

Introducing Movie Merge – Hollywood World

Have you ever wondered how film producers create a movie? Of course, they have to go through a lot of stages and efforts to create high-quality movies. Come to Movie Merge – Hollywood World, you will become a movie producer, directly creating world famous movies.

This game has just been released in early July by Becube Co Ltd. This is a game that combines simulation gameplay and puzzle gameplay. Combined with that is a beautiful 3D graphics background, giving you an immersive experience.

Become a famous movie producer

As you probably already know, making movies is very difficult for an ordinary person. It takes a lot of money and effort to do that. So Movie Merge – Hollywood World was created for you to discover that. Join the game, you can become a famous movie producer. You own a professional filmmaking team with a full range of positions. Can you make your crew famous with blockbuster movies? Start the experience now!

Film production and construction

Movie Merge – Hollywood World like a real simulation game. The game lets you learn the entire process, the process of building a film crew. And then there’s the process of creating a phi set. Start with creating your own studio with full membership. From directing, acting, cinematography, dubbing, … all are needed for a big movie project. Then you will start making the first shots.

In the process, you also have to learn how to do makeup and design costumes for each actor. Because each role has its own requirements in terms of appearance as well as costumes. And the props for the film production process are also very important. You have to collect and unlock new items so that the studio has full tools for film production.

After completing the scenes, you have to cut and stitch the scenes together properly. From there, the best quality movies will be born. If you make basic mistakes, your movie will not be able to complete and release. So be careful in every stage of film production.

Solve puzzle levels

To be able to do film production, you need professional tools. To own those tools, you must pass the puzzle levels. Each level, you have a few randomly arranged objects available. You have to find the same objects, stand side by side to merge them. Each time you merge, you will create new, more advanced tools.

Just like that, you will gradually unlock new, more complete and more professional tools. That helps you to produce movies easily and quickly. The puzzle levels in Movie Merge – Hollywood World are not too difficult. However, you have to solve a lot of different levels, and combined with the movie production, you are quite busy.

Meet many interesting characters

During the making of the film, you get to meet a lot of different characters. It could be any character in your film crew. They can be talented directors, famous actors, fashion experts, make-up artists… Each character has their own story. You can discover their stories through chats.

Stunning 3D graphics

In addition to attractive gameplay, Movie Merge – Hollywood World game also possesses very impressive graphics. Usually, other puzzle games are developed with 2D graphics only. But this game is invested by the developer with a high-quality 3D graphics platform. The images in the game are designed in a simulated cartoon style. From building the context, to creating the characters, are completed in great detail. Thereby, players will get the best experience.

MOD APK version of Movie Merge – Hollywood World

MOD features

Unlimited Money

Download Movie Merge – Hollywood World MOD APK latest version for Android

Movie Merge – Hollywood World MOD APK is indeed a unique puzzle game, combined with novel simulation gameplay. A lot of players showed interest in this game, even though it was just released not too long ago. Download the game to experience now, to make your dream of becoming a famous movie producer come true.

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