Love Esquire v1.7.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Gold)

Last updated: 24/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Gold
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Yangyang Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Not a hero, but you always fight like a hero. Raise stats, defeat monsters and unleash your full potential. Download Love Esquire MOD APK to your phone and start roleplaying and creating relationships with beautiful girls!

Introducing Love Esquire

Love Esquire MOD APK is a simulation dating sim that is romantic and quite funny. Besides, this game also has quite interesting role-playing features. You can upgrade your character, increase your stats and fight monsters. But your main goal in this game is still to unlock the girls and create relationships with them. Catching girls is not easy because most of them are not in your alliance. So what do you have to do to be successful with your goals?

Increase your character’s stats

In Love Esquire, you are not a reliable hero. You’re just a useless person, even a little weird. You just want to seek human pleasure, have a rather spoiled personality and are never serious. In combat, you can’t seem to attack monsters. You can only use your destructive personality to make your teammates stronger. However, you still need to upgrade your stats to participate in combat.

The first is the character level, it is important because it will increase you HP. Besides, you can upgrade your quirky skills such as Taunt, Cheer Teammate, Pick up or Heal. Upgraded skills will evolve into a new type of skill with higher potency. For example Heal, you can upgrade it to Superior Heal to help your teammates increase their max HP significantly. In addition, you can also increase stats such as charisma and intelligence. These traits affect not only your combat, but also your relationships.

Turn-based combat

Love Esquire is an RPG game with a turn-based combat style. You will always have a companion, which is Hugh. He is a true hero with many powerful fighting skills. You will use your weird actions to make him stronger. For example Cheer, you will help Hugh get back to being inspired when he is almost exhausted. Monsters will appear continuously in each battle, eventually the Boss will appear. Normally there will be 4 waves of monsters appearing and you and Hugh must survive until the end.

Create a relationship with your Waifu

This game has a total of 5 unlockable and accessible Waifus. The heroines of Love Esquire are not simply pretty faces. They are people with ambitions, stories of their own, and undisclosed secrets. You can discover all of that once unlocked. Your main goal is to create a good relationship with them. You can enhance your charm by whispering sweet words or giving them gifts. When the romance score is high enough, that’s when you succeed in conquering these beautiful Waifus.

Various endings

What awaits you in this journey? You not only participate in combat, create relationships with Waifus, but also have to make choices. Every decision made will affect your final ending. Love Esquire can also be played as an interactive game where you can decide for yourself how the story will unfold. The ending will always be happy if you are wise in your choices.

Graphics, sound

This 2D simulation game has many funny images from the main character. He acts quite strange, childish and somewhat stupid. But on the contrary, the publisher has designed extremely beautiful Waifus with cute anime style. Diverse combat scenes, many great locations to explore, and romances. The characters are all fully voiced by capable actors. Hear your Waifus express undying love through sweet whispers!

MOD APK version of Love Esquire

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold: in-game gold will never decrease when you use it.

Download Love Esquire MOD APK latest for Android

Love Esquire MOD APK is one of the games with the most diverse genres. It has elements of role-playing, simulation, dating even visual novel. So many gameplay in one game to keep you excited. You should also note that this game also has items that can be purchased with real money and requires an internet connection to play. In our opinion, Love Esquire is a perfect game for entertainment with many humorous elements that you should not miss!

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