GU Recorder v3.5.0.0 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Video to MP3 Converter & MP3 Cutter
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

GU Recorder MOD APK is a screen dedicated to Android users. App provides high quality videos with sound and many interesting functions. As a result, the screen recording experience becomes simple and fast.

Introducing GU Recorder

Do you need to record screen actions to create a video tutorial? However, this feature of Android still has many limitations. You want to be able to edit the video after recording for details and satisfaction. GU Recorder was born to meet your needs. The application allows capturing, recording the screen with realistic sound, and editing videos quickly.

High quality screen recording with sound

The need to record screen is no longer strange to smartphone users. There will be times when we want to record a video tutorial, a call or an event. Meanwhile, the screen recording feature on the phone is not supported much. The recorded video is blurred, broken The recorded video is blurred, broken or even takes a lot of time.

GU Recorder is the best solution for Android users. This application produces sharp, high quality screen recording videos. In addition, you can also capture audio from the mic or inside the monitor. Quality depends on phone speakers, volume and mic capabilities. The received sound is stable without any interruption.

Possessing the above feature, GU Recorder is an application suitable for bloggers, people who work and teach online.

Convenient screen recording and video editing operations

The application allows users to perform a variety of operations in screen recording. Flexible vertical and horizontal display modes, suitable for video nature. You can use your favorite themes, pause and resume recording when interrupted.

For unused applications, you can easily hide during video recording. This ensures that the video is recorded in full screen, without making it difficult to review.

In particular, the Magic Brush feature allows you to draw and write directly on the recording screen. This minimizes post-editing steps. Video tutorials can be shared immediately upon completion.

Flexible camera and Facecam permission

GU Recorder flexibly uses cameras and supports Facecam when recording screen. Users can operate on normal phones and still record their own expressions. This feature on video tutorials will keep the audience engaged. You can freely move and resize the Facetime window to suit.

Feel free to edit videos according to your preferences

Most videos recorded on GU Recorder can be used immediately. In particular, if users have editing needs, the application is still fully responsive. App owns basic video editing and editing features. You can reset the resolution, orientation to have a satisfactory product. The operations of drawing, writing, and adding information are also allowed.

Loads of unique features

GU Recorder meets user needs more than you can imagine. Besides the basic tasks, the app can also:

  • Recover lost videos: The application inevitably lags and exits automatically. The reasons are many, but all make users worry about the “fate” of unsaved files. GU Recorder can recover lost videos, alleviating your fear.
  • Video compression: High quality video from 1080p is not light. Users can conveniently compress videos to save and share quickly.
  • Convert between Video and MP3: The need to convert between Video to MP3 and vice versa is not too strange. In many cases, we have to use online tools which are very time consuming. The converter on GU Recorder will help you do it faster and easier.

MOD APK version of GU Recorder 

MOD features

VIP Unlocked

This app is currently offered with two free versions and a paid VIP version. The free version meets the basic needs, recording high-quality videos with sound. Meanwhile, the VIP version can handle more complex operations in screen recording and editing.

The MOD feature on GU Recorder allows users to access advanced tasks. In it, you will enjoy manipulating and editing videos without limitation. Product quality in terms of picture and sound are both significantly improved.

Download GU Recorder MOD APK latest version for Android

GU Recorder MOD APK is an indispensable application for screen recording work. Easy to use, high quality, full of features, the app can replace the phone recorder on Android. Users can download and experience the application right here. How do you feel about GU Recorder? Don’t forget to share with us.

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