FotMob v153.10191.20220930 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 01/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:153.10191.20220930
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Publisher:NorApps AS
Package:Google Play Link

Keep up to date with the top soccer leagues with FotMob. This is an application that regularly updates news about the tournament, match information, starting lineup … With just a small application, it captures world football information. You can also consider using our MOD version to experience all the features.

Introduce about FotMob

Today, the indispensable king sport in the world is football.. The most exciting tournaments on the planet continuously take place with the competition schedule intertwined. Every team must attend many tournaments at the same time. So, keeping track of all the matches of your favorite team is quite difficult for those with little time. Therefore, FotMob was developed to perfectly meet this need. This is the app that provides users with live scores, with a common database. Please join us to find out!

Perfect application to update scores, football news

FotMob is currently considered the top match notification application on the net. This app is loved by many football fans. You don’t need to open websites or online newspapers to read news. The information on those websites does not guarantee the accuracy. FotMob is a 100% true reporting application from prestigious overseas newspapers. The information is carefully selected before being sent to you. With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, FotMob is considered a very successful product of NorApps AS. This is a company that develops football-related games and apps.

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Some outstanding features of FotMob

Follow most tournaments around the world

FotMob captures information on all the top soccer leagues in the world. From the Premier League to the Laliga, the Bundesliga … all of them are regularly updated. Especially Euro and World Cup, the fastest and most accurate information about the squad, match statistics … will be sent to you at the earliest. You can search for any tournament by country name in the list. From there, you will be updated with the most basic information of each tournament such as overview, standings, matches, scores, news. Besides, you can also choose to receive notifications to be constantly updated with the latest news about your favorite tournaments.

Fixture and Leaderboard

You just need to select “table” or “match” for information about the standings and fixtures of any given tournament. FotMob will provide the scores of the matches and the fixtures of the upcoming matches. FotMob clearly statistics the day, month and year of the match. Achievements against home and away will also be listed. You will get an overview of which team will be appreciated. In addition, you can view the outstanding results of each player in the tournament. Fotmob will update rankings after each match.. This will give you the most accurate rankings of all times.

Track detailed statistics for each match

Like any professional football newspaper, FotMob provides all of the basic to advanced stats of a match that has taken place such as starting lineup, substitution, ball control, number of mistakes, number of penalty cards, number of shots on goal, number of substitutions, … These statistics allow you to quickly grasp the situation of the game. Even if you do not watch the match, you can also know which team is dominant and which team is not performing well.

Update football news

In addition to match information, FotMob also gives you the fastest news on big or even small matches around the world. This feature helps FotMob become an online football newspaper with in-depth analysis and match highlighting videos. You can choose your favorite categories, leagues, teams and include them in your Favorites list so you don’t miss the latest news.

Profile of the player

One quite interesting feature is that you can see the personal information of each player. Each profile includes information about height, weight, age, nationality, role, shirt number. Next to that is the statistics table that the player has achieved. Especially in each tournament, many other detailed information is listed such as minutes played, goals, passes, assists, correct passing rate, hit target, and header.

Why you use FotMob?

Why should you use FotMob instead of reading websites? Very simple, because FotMob is much faster and more accurate. With the news from the most prestigious newspapers in the world, FotMob confidently gives users 100% correct information. Moreover, FotMob has updated information on every aspect of football, which the online newspapers do not have. Especially, with friendly interface, smart design, will give you the best experience.

What’s new in the latest version?

In the latest version, FotMob has updated some additional features. Publisher has changed the display of the muted chime in match alerts. Detailed and diversified system of player information. In particular, receiving reports from users about boot errors on Android 11, the staff has fixed it and completed the process.

Pro APK (MOD) version of FotMob

MOD feature

The free version of FotMob won’t offer all the features to you. The publisher has limited some features. Therefore, for the complete experience, you need to subscribe to the Pro package. However, the subscription price is not cheap and you have to renew monthly. Therefore, we will send you the MOD version with:

  • Pro Unlocked : Registered and permanently renewed Pro package

Download FotMob Pro APK for Android

FotMob Pro APK is one of the best sports apps available today. Integrating almost all the interesting features of a football and online newspaper application, this application has really created an extremely enjoyable experience for users. In particular, the premium version of FotMob Premium allows you to enjoy without ads. However, we will give you a completely free version of it below. Just download and enjoy it now!

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