DNS Changer v1323-3r Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 21/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1323-3r
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

DNS Changer MOD APK is an application to optimize connection and line speed on your Android device. App helps to improve the experience of using the phone significantly. Therefore, you will not need to wait for hours for data transmission.

About DNS Changer: Mobile Data, WiFi

DNS Changer application was born to serve the needs of many individuals in the technology market. When using the app, users are allowed to access blocked websites. Specifically, information about the application will be presented in detail through the following article.

Allow limited content access

The application allows users to access content that is blocked on the web due to inappropriateness. The software system will ensure that the machine will not be infected with viruses when accessing videos.

In fact, some videos are banned because the content is considered unhealthy, not suitable for children. However, some users come to these content because of the need. This fulfills your wishes, making sure to stay out of reach of the unsuitable subject.

DNS Changer ensures absolute safety

The application will ensure the absolute safety for users in terms of information security. Because the app can prevent any intrusion from virtual accounts or harmful agents. The user’s personal information will be protected and stored carefully in the system.

Rich DNS list

DNS acts as an interpreter, learning and communicating information to users. This feature is extremely diverse in the technology world such as: open DNS, norton DNS, Yandex DNS, … The role of DNS focuses on interpreting for the browser to understand to allow login. The feature helps users to simply enter the web name instead of a long string of IP numbers.

What attracts users is that Changer contains most of these types of DNS. The list of DNS servers that the application uses ensures quality and convenience for users.

Allow user to change MAC, IP or Proxy address

MAC, IP and Proxy mark the address and allow access to any channel on the media. These two factors are very easy to take advantage of to steal personal information on the system. What most users worry about when using the application is completely solved. Making changes is very simple. You just need to click on the arrow in the corner of the DNS Server.

When using DNS Changer, users are allowed to change IP and MAC addresses. The operation is simple, fast and easy to understand, so anyone can understand and use it. Easily change and set IP and MAC addresses to give you peace of mind when accessing.

Simple interface design, easy to use

The design interface of the application prioritizes simplicity so that users can easily receive it. Anyone can operate on the application without necessarily being a techie. After successfully accessing, having a clear account, you continue to follow the instructions. Users can change the language by region, domain for easy understanding and use.

The interface of the application is not complicated but very simple. The interface design is not colorful, arranged in each frame, the index is extremely convenient and reasonable.

DNS server connects to the internet smoothly

DNS features in Changer are extremely diverse, smooth operation, no lag. The browsing speed is extremely fast, so users can use it without worrying about network problems. The application allows users to use DNS types efficiently. This completely proves the absolute security and safety of the machine.

Doesn’t take up phone space

Although possessing many useful features. DNS Changer does not take up phone space. This means you can comfortably use the app without worrying about running out of RAM. Thanks to that, the device does not experience jerks, lags or even crashes due to the application being too heavy.

Since it doesn’t take up space, DNS changer can multitask with many other applications. Users can run apps and play games on their phones at the same time. If the connection is slow, you can simply exit the game and choose another DNS again. The reconnection process is quick and won’t bother you while gaming.

MOD APK version of DNS Changer

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download DNS Changer MOD APK latest version for Android

DNS Changer helps you easily control the performance of your network. You won’t need to worry about slow or congested network conditions. What other reason do we not try to experience this application? Download now DNS Changer new version so as not to miss any great features of this application.

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