Mood SMS v2.9.0.2500 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 13/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Glad Apps Technology
Package:Google Play Link

Mood SMS MOD APK is a messaging application with many convenient and fast features for users. In addition, they also help back up and manage different messages in many applications.

Introducing Mood SMS – Custom Text & MMS

Mood SMS is a modern messaging application with many special utilities. Guaranteed to give users a lot of interesting experiences. At the same time, the application is responsible for reducing the burden on memory.

You just need to install 1 Mood SMS app instead of many other regular messaging apps. But still ensure the functions are not changed. Besides, this application helps to organize the message data in a reasonable way. You will not have to worry about losing information because they are scattered in many places.

Integrate both SMS and MMS in one app

On the surface, many people think Mood SMS is like other information applications such as WhatApp, Message,… However, with this application, it is possible to integrate more MMS messages that other applications do not have. Users can flexibly switch from SMS to MMS easily depending on network conditions or purposes. MMS messaging has never been so easy after you’ve experienced it.

Create a large group of members

At Mood SMS, you can create many conversation groups with a number of hundreds of members. Work or group meetings will be easily discussed here. In addition, the application also helps identify the caller’s phone number ID. This helps you identify who the caller is in a snap. They also help prevent potentially dangerous spam calls for you.

Stock of emojis, lovely and lively stickers

Live emojis and stickers are available on Mood SMS. Promises to make your conversation interesting. The line of boring text messages will not be able to attract users forever. You can easily find stickers that match your feelings. Make the other person feel your mood, without having to see your face directly.

More than 100 diverse, eye-catching themes to change

With a set of more than 100 diverse themes with many different styles. You can change it as you like, helping to create a new and exciting feeling. The interface of the application is like being changed into a new outfit every day with colorful colors.

Moreover, you can also manually change the chat background with suggested images. Or you can manually upload the images available in the device. Quickly download the application to your device to discover this unique and new set of themes!

Show handy chat bubble bar

Thanh bong bóng chat rất tiện ích nhưng hầu như chỉ trên ứng dụng Zalo, Message,… mới có. Giờ đây đã có mặt trên Mood SMS, thanh bong bóng giúp thu nhỏ cuộc trò chuyện của bạn và đối phương. Bạn có thể lướt web, xem phim và trả lời tin nhắn cùng lúc chỉ bằng một thao tác. Còn gì tuyệt vời hơn khi vừa xem phim, vừa có thể nhắn tin trao đổi công việc. 

Optionally adjust the default font and font size

The function to change the font and size is almost exclusively available on the editor application. However, with the strong development of science and technology, nothing is impossible. Users when using Mood SMS can choose from many different font styles. This function is quite new so surely many people will find it interesting.

Adjust the font size to be larger or smaller, which will help people with low vision. You don’t need to hold the screen close to your eyes or strain your eyes to read the tiny text anymore. Mood SMS will be an effective tool born for you.

Mood SMS’s outstanding message backup function

Message security on Mood SMS is very strict. You can set up a strong password to make sure your messages won’t leak out. In addition, this application also has the function of backing up messages to the cloud platform. You won’t have to worry about losing important information anymore.

MOD APK version of Mood SMS 

With the MOD version of Mood SMS, you can completely use the Premium version. Especially, there is no need to pay any extra fees.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

After unlocking Premium, users will enjoy a full range of comprehensive utilities. The MOD APK feature will help you have the most enjoyable and complete experience. What are you waiting for without downloading immediately to your device!

Download Mood SMS MOD APK latest version for Android

There are many websites that help you download the MOD APK version of Mood SMS. But be careful, because many sources contain malicious code that affects your device. You could have your information stolen and lose control of your computer. Therefore, please read the website carefully before downloading the application. And REDMOD is the leading reputable place to help you download completely free MOD applications and games. Quickly download this application to use this application immediately. You may regret knowing and using Mood SMS too late!

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