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Last updated: 30/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.7.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:So Far So Good
Package:Google Play Link

Great melodies always give the listener indescribable emotions. Experience Incredibox will help you create your own melodies with your own style. Here you will show your innate musical ability. Create the best remixes and reach the top 50 of Incredibox MOD APK. Are you ready to go into music history?

Introduce game Incredibox

Incredibox was released by So Far So Good and has now been a huge hit. More than just a game, this is also a unique music composition tool. With the help of the cheerful Beatboxer, you can create your own music productions. Choose your music style from among 8 dramatic ambitions and start recording, recording and sharing your mix.

Select music style

Starting the game, you will be presented with 8 most popular music styles. Please choose for yourself one of the 8 styles below:

  • Alpha: it’s also known as brainwave music. This is a music genre with a light frequency, only from 8 – 12 Hz. This category is very suitable for a state of rest and relaxation.
  • Little Miss: It has a style similar to Hip Hop. Uniqueness and excitement is the way Little Miss expresses it on the outside.
  • Sunrise: Sweetness and emotion are noticeable in this style.
  • The Love: gentle and romantic, The Love is inspired by French House music.
  • Brazil: With bold Brazilian music style, as smooth as the Sampa dancers.
  • Alive: This is a choir-like style with high intensity. Suitable for those who like vibrant music and EDM.
  • Jeevan: Typical Indian music style.
  • Dystopia: This music style is a bit gloomy, scary, with a low and different sound.

Simple gameplay

Incredibox is not too fussy and complicated as conventional music creation applications. This game gives you an extremely simple gameplay. On the screen displays the Beatboxer and accompanying accessories. Each accessory has a separate sound. You just drag it to any beatboxer, they will create the sound of that accessory. Just like that, 7 beatboxers will create 7 different sounds, invisible to create a unique music. There are so many accessories to choose from, you should try to combine them together.

You won’t be able to wear the same accessory for 2 different beatboxers. For example, if you wear orange glasses for the first person, the glasses will automatically hide. If you want to change accessories, you need to remove the accessory first and then put on another.

Automatic mode

If you’re too lazy to create your own mix, let Credibox help you out. Auto mode will randomly combine accessories together. You just need to listen and choose the best mix. If you’re not satisfied with your current mix, just choose Reset – Automatic is the system ready to send you a new random mix. Very convenient is not it!


Each genre of music will bring different rewards. For example, Little Miss has the rewards of Satisfied, Little Miss, and Why This World. Meanwhile, Dystopia has only one reward, the Riviera. So what is that reward? Those are music videos just for you. How can I get a reward? If you use all the required accessories for the reward, you will receive them. Click on the bonus to see what accessories it requires. Then just put all those accessories on the beatboxer.

Entertaining game, suitable for all ages

Incredibox combines sound, graphics, and animation and becomes the ideal tool for everyone. This makes making music fun, fun. Therefore, Incredibox is being used very popularly in many music schools around the world. Teachers will let students create their own mixes, melodies to assess their musical ability. Anyone can use it, because Incredibox is simple to play, easy to learn, and incredibly comfortable.

Trending game

If you search for “Incredibox” on Youtube, you might find a mix of tens of millions of views. Talented players will create catchy, unique and stylish mixes. Incredibox really has a big influence on music enthusiasts. They see it as a tool to satisfy their hobbies, even as a money-making tool.


You can upload your music to Incredibox’s charts. If your product gets a lot of votes and votes from others, you can go down in history and reach the Incredibox top 50. This will be the first step to realizing your passion for music. Are you ready to show off your talent?

Save and share


Record the product you just created! In the menu on the top left of the screen, you will find the record button. Just click on it and choose start, the system will automatically record your mix in high sound quality. You can only save about 3 minutes long recording, please align your mix accordingly.


Incredibox assists you in saving your mix if you are satisfied with it. Before saving, you can also listen to it again to see if it was perfect or not. When you save, you can enter your Name, Product Name, Who is this Mix for and choose public or private. If you choose to save it publicly, the product will be listed on the official Incredibox website.


After successfully saving, you can share directly to popular social networking sites. In addition, you can also copy the link address to send to your friends. They just need to paste it in their browser to enjoy your product. If you save in private mode the product will remain in the in-game mix list and you cannot share it.

Graphics, sound

Incredibox is designed with simple 2D graphics. Beatboxers can all be dressed up in colorful costumes, suitable for Hip Hop style. Incredibox’s impressive point is the sound. The sounds shown by the Beatboxer are clear, easy to hear and extremely good.

APK version of Incredibox

On the GooglePlay store, Incredibox sells for $ 4.99. Although not too expensive, but also makes many players unable to experience. Therefore, we want to send you a completely free APK version of this game. You just need to download the APK file below and install it on your device, you can start to experience the number 1 music game today.


Where to download Incredibox for free?

Currently on Google Play sells this game for $ 4.99, varies by region. However you can download it completely free at What’s more, you get loads of free money to buy a variety of different audio accessories.

Can I record a remix on Credibox longer?

Currently the maximum length you can record in Incredibox is 3 minutes. However, you can record longer with the way of recording the phone screen. You can record your music creation as well as your final production.

Can I use Incredibox for commercial purposes?

If you are planning to generate revenue (to make money) with your project, you CANNOT use Incredibox content. Incredibox is the property of the SO FAR SO GOOD company. All content from Incredibox (music / designs / codes / etc) is copyrighted and protected by intellectual property rights.

Can I play Incredibox offline?

You can mix music in Incredibox without an Internet connection. You only need to be connected to the network if you access the top 50 ratings or share your products.

I can’t run Incredibox on my phone

In order to run apps on Android, you need to have at least Android version 5.1. If your Android version is lower than 5.0, the app cannot work. Try to launch an Android system update from your device.

Reviews from users

All Incredibox users are happy with it. Simply put, this is a great entertainment application in your spare time. Here are some reviews on Google Play:

“It’s really good for me personally, free to mix music, every time the pressure or something to sit and have a little orgasm. Very worth the money!”

“I think this app in particular is one of the best music creation apps out there on GooglePlay. Its user interface is simple and unique, it’s also very user-friendly. You aren’t really. need a guide on how to use this app because of its simplicity and the sound that comes with this app stands out. I definitely recommend this app to friends. “

“Incredibox is a great game. I’ve had it for a few months now and I enjoy the little time and money I spend on Incredibox. I love the V8, it sounds very nice and unique for it.” songs that people often heard before “

“This is definitely the best app I have ever downloaded. If this one is removed from my phone and it costs a new 10 dollars, I will buy it again without a doubt. Good music, I really believe this is the best song I’ve ever heard. All these songs are now some of my real favorites. “

Download Incredibox MOD APK for Android

Incredibox’s simple, entertaining gameplay will make you fascinated. Incredibox is both a music creation tool and an entertaining game. You won’t need to pay Google Play $ 3.99 to own Incredibox. In this article, we send you the APK file completely free. What are you waiting for without experiencing Incredibox right away with us!

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