Haunted Place v1.5 Mod APK (Free Reward, Money)

Last updated: 13/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.5
MOD Info:Free Reward, Money
Requires:Android 8.0+
Publisher:Kaituozhe Network
Package:Google Play Link

If you like a simple defensive strategy game then try Haunted Place. This is a strategy game but the gameplay is quite simple, entertaining, not requiring too much on the player’s thinking.

Introducing Haunted Place

Haunted Place is published by Kaituozhe Network, a newly emerging developer recently. This game company brings mobile games with entertaining, addictive gameplay and classic visual style. And so is their latest game Haunted Place, it still offers a simple but equally interesting gameplay. Along with that is 2D pixel art style, bringing back the nostalgic feeling of classic games many years ago.


Coming to the game, you are taken to a mysterious place. This place is haunted by demons. They appear everywhere and attack anyone. Your task in the game is simply to build a defense system to stop and destroy them. With defensive towers and weapons, you must arrange in a reasonable way to prevent the attacks of monsters and zombies.

This story in Haunted Place is built not so impressively. Seems to be just an introduction to the gameplay of the game. Because throughout the journey of discovery, the story of the game does not change, and there is no end. The challenge given to the player is continuous, until all levels are completed.

Defense system

To build the best defense, you must choose the best defense towers and weapons. The game has quite a few different options for you to form a solid defense system. Different types of towers and weapons will have different effects. Therefore, you must understand that, to arrange them appropriately. The arrangement is successful or not, completely depends on the player’s strategy. In addition, you also have to upgrade the stats for defense towers and weapon systems.

Strategic gameplay

The gameplay of Haunted Place is extremely simple. Your only task in this game is to build a defense system to fight monsters. On the map, you have to set up a smart array, so that the zombies and monsters that pass by will be instantly destroyed. You will complete the game through each level. Later, the difficulty of the game increases more and more. And of course, that means you have to have a smarter strategy.

In each level, the terrain will be designed differently. You must follow that to arrange the towers accordingly. And even in battle, you must change tactics if the enemy is too crowded, or they attack suddenly. As long as you have the right strategy, you can easily pass any level!

Classic graphics

Not only owning a simple gameplay, the game’s graphics are also designed to be equally simple. Haunted Place is developed with low quality 2D graphics. All images are designed in a classic pixel style. This is a simple artistic style. Because most of Kaituozhe Network’s previously released games have such graphic style. All characters, landscapes and objects in the game are made as simple as possible. Although they are monsters and ghosts, they are not as scary as you think. Even we can see the funny from those images.

MOD APK version of Haunted Place

MOD features

  • High Rewards (ADS Symbol)
  • Free Rewards, Money (Get free bonus without watching ads)

Download Haunted Place MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, the gameplay and image of Haunted Place is not too new, nor is it different from other games of the same genre. But the combination of simple entertaining gameplay, classic graphics has brought a gentle experience for players. Therefore, this game is being interested by many players. Try downloading the game Haunted Place MOD APK and experience, you will definitely love this game!

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