Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital v1.3.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 30/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0
Publisher:707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Package:Google Play Link

If you love the horror game genre, you must have known Endless Nightmare 2: Horror Game. This is an extremely attractive puzzle-horror game from the publisher 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. This game has received nearly 10 million downloads via Google Play. And recently, the developer has just released the sequel of this game. The new version is called Endless Nightmare: Hospital.

Introducing the game Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital was just released a few days ago by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. This is a developer quite famous for puzzle games, horror and sports games. Accordingly, this new version is still developed with the same horror style as the previous Horror Game. Still the familiar puzzle game based on high quality 3D graphics. Here, you can refer to the game introduction of REDMOD. Or you can skip and scroll down to the article to download Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital MOD APK version.

Unique plot

Game Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital brings a story with depth, giving players curiosity and relaxation while experiencing the game. Accordingly, the plot of the game is about a mysterious story, happening at a scary hospital. The main character in this story is James. He is a mysterious Oak town detective. Recently, there have been many mysterious disappearances in this town. There are certain people, or some force, who did this without leaving any trace.

One day, he wakes up in a creepy abandoned hospital. He couldn’t understand why he was here. James is investigating the missing people case in Oak Town. And it was that hospital where he suspected the most. That place was covered with a strangely cold and still air. When he wakes up, he has begun his journey to investigate strange phenomena happening in his town.

James has to face countless dangers lurking in the scary hospital. There are always mysterious eyes and footsteps quietly following our main character. But because justice and truth are being concealed, he cannot give up. Please help James complete this mission!

Puzzle and exploration gameplay

Usually, most horror games are riddled with puzzles. Basically when playing Endless Nightmare: Hospital, your main task is just solving difficult puzzles to find clues and hidden mysteries. In the process of solving puzzles, you have to experience many fears from mysterious ghosts. They appear out of nowhere, or quietly follow you without your noticing. You need to have many things to keep in mind when playing the game to be able to win. Here are the important things when playing the game that you need to keep in mind.


The haunted hospital in Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is quite large with many different locations. In each location, the room has different clues for you to find out. But there are also many dangers lurking for you. Search the scary rooms in the hospital carefully. You need to observe closely to collect useful items and clues for the investigation.


To complete the game, you must investigate the final truth of this haunted hospital. You must use intelligence, logical thinking to investigate this classic case. From the items and clues you find in the scary rooms, complete the puzzles. Then, you will gradually find out the hidden secrets of the creepy hospital and reach the final conclusion. At that time, the truth about the cases in the town, and the mystery of the hospital are revealed.

Strategy in the face of ghosts

Danger is constantly lurking for you throughout your exploration and investigation. There are many scary ghosts everywhere, they are always lurking to threaten or attack you. Depending on the type of ghost, you need to have different tactics when facing them.

As for the ghosts that are not strong, you can fight them easily. You can use weapons like guns or knives. However, they are not available and you have to find them in the mysterious rooms. Those guns can be upgraded to be stronger, can destroy powerful ghosts.

And when you face too strong ghosts, don’t be foolish enough to fight them. Hide in a closet or somewhere inconspicuous. After they leave that place, you will appear and find weapons to fight later. Especially the BOSS, it’s extremely strong and you can’t defeat it in the usual way. Use your mind to find a way to get rid of him.


Through each room, each puzzle, you will experience many challenges and dangers. It may take you a long time to complete a puzzle, but then you get skill. Through many challenges, you gain more skills to face the dangers that follow. Experience through each level is important, you have to keep that in mind!

Realistic 3D graphics, increase the creepy experience

The more realistic a horror game is, the more successful it will be. The most realistic experience makes players feel like they are directly participating in the horror adventure. Therefore, the game Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is developed with high quality 3D graphics. The image in the game is extremely sharp with the main color being black of the dark. Combined with that is the light crept in the dark, increasing the mystery.

Especially the character creation part in the game. You will see ghosts with extremely scary faces. Each ghost has a different appearance and a different fear. So this game is not for those who are afraid of ghosts or have heart problems.

Sound system

In addition to the image, the sound is equally important to decide the horror for the game. If there are only horror images without background music or sound effects, the game certainly cannot scare players. And Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital has been integrated with haunting music along with appropriate sound effects to make the game more realistic. The sound of footsteps, falling objects, when fighting, … all appear suddenly to increase the horror.

MOD APK version of Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

Features MOD

Unlimited Money: You can shop even if you don’t have enough Alloys and Memory Shards.

Download Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital MOD APK for Android

In general, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital has both unique content and realistic graphics. That helps you to have the most authentic and vivid experience. After just over a week of being released, this game has received more than 1 million downloads. This number is really impressive, showing that Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is a really attractive game. Right now, you can download Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital MOD APK to experience it.

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