AutoCAD v6.12.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 24/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.12.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Autodesk Inc.
Genre:Art & Design
Package:Google Play Link

AutoCAD MOD APK allows users to sketch 3D drawings right on the phone. An unprecedented flexible, convenient experience. With AutoCAD, your work will be fully supported.

Introducing AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD is known as the popular technical graphics software on computers. Currently, this software has an app version for phones, which is much more convenient and flexible. Compared to the desktop version, the application possesses many outstanding features.

Design drawings right on mobile devices

Because it has to perform many tasks, AutoCAD is inherently computer-only. Even office laptops cannot operate this software. The reason is because 2D and 3D tasks are often quite heavy, very easy to cause lag.

But now, users can use AutoCAD on their own phones. Will the tasks be reduced? In fact, AutoCAD for mobile devices still allows users to operate like on computers. The tasks from drawing 2D, 3D, creating maps, … are handled very smoothly. Even the execution speed is faster than many desktop devices.

Use anytime, anywhere

Design work usually doesn’t involve a lot of travel. However, you cannot avoid meetings and discussions with customers about the design. At this time, carrying a laptop is too messy and inconvenient.

AutoCAD on mobile makes your work more convenient. Just bring your phone or tablet. The application will still allow presentation and editing on the spot without having to use a computer. Everything becomes so easy and convenient.

A special thing is that although it can perform many tasks, the app does not consume the battery. You can use it all day without worrying about interruption or loss of drawings due to power failure.

User-friendly interface

Technical graphic design applications are known for their unwieldy interfaces. So for newbies, this is a big challenge. However, AutoCAD for mobile has an improved interface that is simpler. The toolbars are neatly arranged. In addition, you can use alternative hand gestures for a variety of tools. Thanks to that, you can make selections easier than choosing tools on a computer.

Convenient manual operation

Manual manipulation is one of the special things about AutoCAD. Usually, when operating on the desktop, users use the mouse. However, the operation is sometimes incorrect, causing deviations for the design. Manual operation will bring a more intuitive feeling. Besides, the integrated AI technology will produce products with high accuracy.

In addition, the manual operation also makes it significantly easier to sketch the drawing board. This helps a lot in meeting with customers. When receiving a request, the engineer simply needs to sketch it out to agree with the partner. Time saving and extremely flexible.

Countless special features

Besides the preeminent features, AutoCAD also possesses many other features. As a result, the user experience will be more convenient. With AutoCAD on mobile devices, you can:

  • Load and open 2D and 3D drawings easily
  • Backup files on many different devices
  • Editing without WiFi
  • Manage projects with layout
  • CDA feature helps identify errors when designing

Using the above features, users can easily create accurate drawings. Operation is both convenient and flexible. This is a must-have app for professional engineers.

MOD APK version of AutoCAD 

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

AutoCAD brings many convenient features to users. Currently, the app has an upgraded MOD APK version from the standard version. Possessing many new features, this is the version suitable for long-term users.

The MOD feature on AutoCAD allows users to unlock advanced features. Thanks to that, you can perform many complex operations, the product has absolute accuracy. 2D and 3D tasks are handled more smoothly, presentation is convenient and easy to edit.

Download AutoCAD MOD APK latest version for Android

AutoCAD is an indispensable application for professional users. With preeminent features, the app contributes to greatly reducing your work load. Currently, you can download AutoCAD MOD APK at this article. Hope the application will bring you a good experience.

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