RCC – Real Car Crash v1.5.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 24/10/2022 (1 month ago)

Latest Version:1.5.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Have you seen destroyed cars in blockbuster movies? The scenes are majestic with many angles always give viewers a feeling of excitement. Now you can also create such scenes with RCC – Real Car Crash. This is a car destruction simulation game in a map full of heavy destruction machines. This is also a real entertainment for you!

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Introduce game RCC – Real Car Crash

If you love smashing and destroying cars then you should be here! Buy, upgrade and destroy cars in different ways in the new game – RCC Real Car Crash. This game is developed by CrashTime. Pass various power tests and get achievements, experience and many new carmakers. Earn destruction experience and get exciting cars and new features.

The number of cars is large and diverse

So far, RCC – Real Car Crash has owned more than 30 vehicles in the system. And it will certainly increase in future updates. To be able to unlock all models, you need to reach the required level and money. For example, the 2005 RWD Coupe, you need level 20 and $ 260,000 in the game to be able to unlock it. Not being able to easily unlock it also makes ownership of a car so much fun. The cars that are about to be updated you can also view them in the Garage. If it’s the one you like, save your money and buy it as soon as you launch it.

Realistic controls

Driving is not the main mechanism in this game. However, the publisher also creates a realistic driving mode to inspire players. You will be given the movement direction, forward and backward buttons and slow motion mode. In the first perspective, you can easily steer the vehicle through the terrain and go to the destructive machines in the map. Each car has a different steering mechanism, you can flexibly change and choose a more appropriate angle.

Mission and destruction mode

The missions in RCC are endless! You can make a lot of money from these quests. The simplest way is to complete a game, you will get rewarded. Besides, if you finish within the allotted time there will also be bonuses.

To complete a game, your vehicle needs to be able to function after it has been smashed by destructive machines. Therefore, you need to choose vehicles with durability and high technology. Owning an expensive vehicle, you will easily complete the task

Multiple destructive machines in one map

RCC has many different maps, giving players variety. Each map is a chain consisting of countless crusher and heavy cutters. Every little place in the map causes damage to your car. Falling from above, hitting a wall of thorns … that’s why the actual control mechanism is introduced. It helps you avoid unnecessary damage and makes it easier to complete the task. The game will have a destructive machine upgrade system, allowing players to comfortably enjoy the game, as they can explore countless different ways to destroy the cars.

Realistic graphics

First of all, the car design in the RCC is extremely beautiful. Luxury and beautiful cars are inspired by real supercars. Plus the authentic engine sound, which makes you feel like you’re destroying a really expensive supercar, something you can only dare to do in your imagination.

3D graphics with colorful backgrounds make for a beautiful and quality game. Real body damage graphics for mobile devices. The publisher details each button marks, debris to the distortion of the car when it is impacted … to create the most realistic images possible.

MOD APK version of RCC – Real Car Crash

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Level 100

Money and levels are important because it allows you to unlock a wide variety of vehicles. Using our MOD version, you can quickly own all of the most expensive cars, something that you will take a long time to get through casual play.

Download RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK for Android

RCC – Real Car Crash gives players the feeling of entertainment and relaxation while watching the destroyed cars. This is even more amazing with realistic graphics in every smallest detail. You will be able to manually destroy expensive supercars, which you have never dared to imagine. Download the game and destroy any car you like!

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