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Project QT MOD APK is a game combining different genres. Basically, it’s a JRPG style role-playing game. But it incorporates elements of strategy and puzzle games and even adult content. So Project QT is an adult game, you can only play games when you are 18 years of age or older. This game was developed by xDNA and released by Nutaku Publishing in July 2019.

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Introducing Project QT


Join Project QT game, you will be taken to a new world, a world different from the real world you live in. This is a future world. And in the far future, a mysterious space virus has invaded the world of your present. They go back to the past, are your present thanks to the black hole experiment. This crazy experiment, conducted in the Arctic, can transform space and time. Thanks to that, space viruses have come to your world.

The world is at risk of extinction by these viruses. You are the one who saves the world. You along with the beautiful female warriors will begin the fight to protect the world. And you play the game to complete the noble mission, as well as conquer the affection of all the girls in the game.


Project QT is a role-playing game that combines puzzles. Your task in this game is to summon warriors to fight with enemies from the future. Those warriors are extremely beautiful and charming girls. It seemed that their sexy bodies were weak, but they had incredible power. They will be your effective assistant to defeat all enemies.

In addition to the dramatic battles, Project QT also brings you interesting puzzle levels. It is a familiar match 3 style puzzle game. On the screen there will be colorful stones, you choose the stones of the same color to smash them. You can connect these stones in different directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, as long as you can connect as many as possible.

Enjoy the sweet scenes

As usual, during the game, you will enjoy the sweet pictures and videos of beautiful girls. Complete the missions in the game, you will seduce them and they will show you the hot scenes. Completing the level will be rated 1 stars to 5 stars. The more the stars are, the less clothes the girls will wear so you can see their enchanting bodies.


Like other games on Nutaku, Project QT was developed with medium quality 2D graphics. But the image is still a strong point that many people love in this game. Because the system of characters in the game is shaped extremely 3D eye-catching. Those will be beautiful girls, they bring deadly beauty. Seductive body, in addition to the cool outfit. Any guy is attracted to those girls. As for skill effects, the game is not heavily invested, it is not a traditional role-playing game.

MOD APK version of Project QT

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • MOD Menu
  • One Hit Kill
  • Attack Multiplier (x1 – x1000)
  • Defense Multiplier (x1 – x1000)

Download Project QT MOD APK for Android

Project QT is both an RPG and a puzzle game, and has sensitive content for adults so it is loved by many people. You will not be bored with the game, because it is always upgraded version, adding new features and screens. After more than a year of being released, Project QT has attracted tens of millions of players. Join Project QT to complete the quest to save the world. And most importantly, there are great scenes of the girls in the game. With Project QT MOD APK, you will quickly achieve your goals. You can download it now!

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  1. Hello, do I have to delete Original program? After downloading the Project QT Mod APK V6.0, I couldn’t use the Mod. Why?

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