Pixel Studio v4.80 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 17/11/2022 (11 months ago)

Latest Version:4.80
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Genre:Art & Design
Package:Google Play Link

Pixel Studio is an art drawing application. What does this application have that make users so excited? Find out with REDMOD through the article below.

Introduce about Pixel Studio 

As you know pixel refers to the resolution of the image. The more details, the larger the pixel, the more realistic and vivid the image. But few people know that pixels are used to draw lovely, cute, and funny images. As well as the graphic design of the classic role-playing characters are very vivid.

What is Pixel Studio?

Pixel Studio is an application to create pixel images as well as GIF animations very realistic and vivid. You can sketch the shape of the object in advance with a pencil. Then, using the tools of Pixel Studio, you draw more basic to complex lines on the image. The blank space you can paint more color. Erase excess or unnecessary parts.

From there, create the most perfect photos. The application is full of tools to edit photos, your job is to be creative, draw to your liking to the fullest. Pixel Studio will let you unleash your creativity with your desires. To create the best photos.

Friendly interface

With other applications, the interface is quite complicated, making it difficult for users to visualize. But with Pixel Studio, the application’s interface is very simple and specific, helping users to visualize right on the screen. When opening Pixel Studio, the application clearly displays recent design photos, design time clearly and in detail. Above and below the screen when opening the application, there are colors and drawing tools, respectively, which are very convenient.

You just have to be creative with your ideas and express them. The application has upgraded features to produce the best quality and well-rounded photos. Along with that, the zoom feature is widely used to help users zoom in and out to design complex and sophisticated details. In addition, the dot feature is also a highlight on the application. To be able to add details without affecting the picture.

Lots of drawing tools

Other drawing and design apps will give you a wide variety of brushes that you can change at any time to suit. But with Pixel Studio it is different, the application has only a single brush type. Many people find this quite inconvenient and think it does not meet their needs. But no, even though there is only one type of brush, you can still change the pixel size.

The stroke when changing the pixel level is also very different, the line is slim, gentle, more in harmony with the photo. Your strokes will be changed in pixels and create the desired strokes. It can be said that with the pixel brush, it will bring a vivid, colorful feeling. You can create a picture full of life, enthusiasm.

Create GIF animation

The reason pixel drawings always attract users is because there is a GIF animation mode. When viewing normal photos is too boring, you want something moving, then GIF images are an ideal choice. You can send it to your friends and relatives to create laughter and create emotions.

Best of all, you can create your own GIF to mark a first achievement for yourself as well as for everyone to see. The application allows you to combine photos, transition scenes to make the photo more vivid, suitable for the situation.

What else is in the Pixel Studio version?

The outstanding features of Pixel Studio are very outstanding and different. Many other drawing and design applications often do not have enough of these outstanding features. Along with that, Pixel Studio has advanced tools that are easily unlocked. So you will not be bothered by the ads appearing on the screen many times.

New feature update

  • Allows saving layers/frames to PSD
  • Layers can be exported via the Layers menu
  • NeuQuant Color Quantization (GIF Encoding and Functions)
  • Easily block users in the Pixel Network
  • Can express user comments feelings
  • Arrange images on user pages
  • Enable Telegram links for Pixel Network profiles
  • GIPHY’s uploads removed
  • Fix problem with missing grid
  • Fixed reference issue for merge animation workflow
  • Small improvements and bug fixes

MOD APK version of Pixel Studio

In the version of Pixel Studio there are advanced tools, and are unlocked. Besides, users will not be bothered by ads that often appear directly on the screen.

MOD features

Pro Unlocked

  • No ads appear when you use the app
  • Unlocked and synced accurately and clearly
  • Unlocked all premium color sets, users can unleash their creativity.

Download Pixel Studio MOD APK latest version for Android 

An easy and convenient drawing and design application. Along with advanced features, the process of creating GIF images, designing quickly. You can draw pictures that express your unique creativity with vivid 8-bit, 16-bit. In the near future, the application will also update many new unique features for users to experience the best things.

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