Photo Lab PRO MOD APK 3.12.13 (Paid, Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 30/04/2022 (3 weeks ago)

Latest Version:3.12.13
MOD Info:Paid, Pro Unlocked
Publisher:Linerock Investments LTD
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

To enhance the quality of the photos, Photo Lab has its Pro version available. This version has many advanced features and is much more powerful than the previous one. You can experience this version completely for free with our MOD version.

Introduce about Photo Lab PRO

Photo Lab Pro APK is an extremely unique photo effect insert application for Android. It was issued by Linerock Investments LTD. Actually, this is a high-end version that was released after the original version. The original version of Photo Lab, previously released, is free to download and use. But this application is a more advanced version, with many more special features.

There are other photo editing applications that allow you to upgrade your Pro account right from the original. However, users will have to pay monthly fees to maintain using this premium feature. But with this app, you only need to buy once and use it forever. Because Photo Lab PRO is a standalone application. It sells for $ 9.99 on Google Play, which is quite expensive but you only need to pay once. However, in this article, we still bring the completely free version of Photo Lab PRO APK. This version is for those who are unable to purchase this application, for any reason.

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App reviews

Photo Lab PRO mainly develops filters and effects for you to edit your photos. It owns a huge arsenal of effects with more than 640 filters, effects, and beautiful frames. In addition, the ability to edit photos quickly and easily. Therefore, Photo Lab is rated as one of the best photo editors on Google Play today. And the community of Photo Lab PRO users is hundreds of millions of people.

This application is not a powerful image editing application like Photoshop or any other similar applications. The strength of Photo Lab Pro is the extremely rich and unique effect store. You do not need to be a Photoshop expert, just select a filter, frame or montage to use, then select the image to process, Photo Lab will do it all, we just sit back and wait achievement. Because all editing operations in this application are automatic.


Interface of this application is very simple, direct so you can do it quickly with it. We love the way the compartments are organized for these apps. This is help user can to be easy search and the more than. Easy to use, suitable for everyone, including you, everyone cannot use the technology. Photo Lab is a special application that allows for online photo storage, spoiled photo upload, unlimited photo editing, and free up memory for your phone.

Other features

  • Create art portraits. On a vintage postcard or a birthday cake
  • Face transplantation with the hole effect to become Ironman, Darth Vader or Mona Lisa
  • Use photo filters to create a new style for photos, more vivid, black and white or nostalgic, …
  • Choose photo effects such as hats, collages of celebrities, monsters, animals, …
  • Support turns you into the icon of Playboy or Vogue or puts you on the cover of GQ
  • Text editor to add messages and create greeting cards

Ease of use

Photo Lab Pro has a lot of unique and powerful features. However, you will be surprised by its simple usage. You just need to select a photo from the camera’s gallery, then choose any one feature. Each feature has specific instructions and you can preview the image after editing. When you’re satisfied with it, just save your edits. After a period of use, you will become a professional photo editing professional.


After you process an image with Photo Lab photo editor, you can share the results via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks you love. Share your product for everyone to enjoy. They will surely be amazed by your wonderful and perfect photo. You can also upload results images to the publisher’s servers to receive short links and send them as personal messages or emails.

Should you use Photo Lab Pro?

This is the top photo editing app we were extremely impressed with. With the features that you have, Photo Lab Pro confidently brings you the perfect photos. You just need to select the photo you want to edit, the rest of the hard work will be done by Photo Lab Pro. Millions of people have installed it and are extremely satisfied with it. So there is no reason for you to refuse such a talented friend.

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APK version of Photo Lab PRO

The above features are the basic features found in both Photo Lab and Photo Lab PRO versions. And of course when you buy PRO version, you will experience more unique features. Usually, the Pro version of photo editing applications will cost monthly maintenance. But Photo Lab PRO only cost money to download once and can be used for free forever. The following are special features not found in the original version:

  • Completely remove all advertising, watermark;
  • Exceptional image processing speed;
  • All effects, premium filters have been completely unlocked for free;
  • There are additional exclusive filters to create your works of art;
  • Support for human-to-animal montages to bring your face to a lion, cat or koala…;
  • Very fast and accurate image processing;
  • Can use beautiful animal frames;
  • Update more background effects;
  • Remove unwanted access requests.

Download Photo Lab PRO MOD APK for Android

Photo Lab PRO brings you unique filters and effects for photo editing. It helps you become a professional photo editing expert without spending much time learning. All operations are automatic, you just need to create your own artwork. When sharing those photos on social media, your friends probably won’t believe you created them from a phone app. And right here is the link to download Photo Lab PRO APK completely free for you to unleash your creativity!

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