Mango Languages v7.8.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 30/06/2022 (9 months ago)

Latest Version:7.8.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Mango Languages
Package:Google Play Link

Learning another language is never easy. Mango Languages MOD APK will help you learn foreign languages in the most natural way. With this application you can study anytime, anywhere with your phone.

Introduce about Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a language learning app that everyone should have on their phone. The special feature of this application compared to hundreds of other applications is the ability to personalize. The application can understand habits and suggest lessons that are appropriate for the user’s level.

In addition, the application has a minimalist interface and a lot of convenient features. That has helped this tool become close to all types of users. Mango Languages has tons of great features that only you can experience when using it.

Stimulating the ability to self-study and learn

When you want to learn a new language, you need to go to language centers to learn from teachers. However, with that solution is always a large tuition fee. With Mango Languages, things will be different.

The application acts as a guide and supports users in the learning process. What’s more, learning with the app won’t cost you anything, it’s all free. The only thing users need to spend is their own time and effort.

Supports up to 70 languages

In the software market, foreign language learning applications are no longer new. However, there is no application that supports so many languages. Mango Languages can support users to learn more than 70 languages worldwide. You can completely choose the language of your choice to start learning from the basics.

Practice listening and speaking with a native accent

Listening and speaking have long been the two most important skills in learning a foreign language. However, these are also skills that are difficult to get used to and use proficiently. To solve this problem, Mango Languages has integrated conversations recorded by native speakers. Lessons have been carefully selected by the development team. As a result, users can grasp the language quickly and efficiently.

Besides, users can listen and practice speaking according to the conversations. The application will record and automatically evaluate the user’s speaking skills. On that basis, the application will analyze errors and suggest better pronunciation. Alternatively, you can also tap each word to hear the pronunciation and repeat. Thus, the correct pronunciation of words is the foundation for you to better pronounce both sentences and dialogues.

Comprehensive development of skills

For a long time, listening and speaking have always been two especially important skills in learning a foreign language. Meanwhile, grammar and vocabulary are two skills that are easier to learn. However, these 4 skills are always closely related to each other. Learning this skill well will help you hone in on other skills.

Therefore, Mango Languages directs you to the comprehensive development of all skills. From there, users can learn and practice in practice at the same time.

Rich themes

Mango Languages always recommend the best lessons on a lot of topics in life. For example, lessons on travel, how to ask places, how to order in restaurants, etc. In addition, there are many other topics about lifestyle, hobbies or work. They are very useful for you to learn and put into practice.

Furthermore, the lessons all use very close words and contexts. This is the basis for you to grasp new languages quickly.

Review individual activities easily

Mango Languages allows users to review activities in the learning history. You can see all that you have learned on the app for the day or for the week. In the Menu section, just click on “Activities” and the lessons you have learned will appear immediately. This is very useful for you to control your learning progress. From there it is easy to set goals for the next path.

Handy minimalist interface

What you see on the screen will be chapter-by-chapter lessons. Other features will be in the “Menu” in the right corner of the screen. As such, everything is simple to access and learn with just one touch. You will not waste time on unnecessary operations such as swiping back and forth to search for lessons.

MOD APK version of Mango Languages

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Download Mango Languages MOD APK latest version for Android

Mango Languages is currently one of the best language learning apps with over 1 million downloads. The app integrates multiple languages for multiple users with a personalized learning path. With just one tap you can read, listen and speak with recorded lessons from native speakers. Mango Languages MOD APK will be a great choice for you. Download and experience it for free now!

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