Manga Dogs v10.2.9 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 31/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:10.2.9
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:comic lover
Package:Google Play Link

Follow your favorite manga and interact with many manga readers around the world with the Manga Dogs MOD APK application. Explore, Bookshelf, Read and download thousands of the most popular and best manga of all time!

Introduce about Manga Dogs

Manga is a popular form of manga, especially in Japan. Manga series often revolve around caricature characters. Unlike normal people, they possess supernatural and unreal powers. If you enjoy watching manga, download the MangaToon app. And in this article, we want to introduce to those who love to read manga another great application. That’s Manga Dogs MOD APK, an application that helps you hold the manga world in the palm of your hand!

Manga Dogs
Manga Dogs offers you almost all the most classic manga series

Explore the unlimited manga world

Manga Dogs browses lists from over 20 manga sources around the world. Therefore, it can update new manga in the fastest way. As for the collection, it seems that this app contains all the classic manga series ever. No matter what you search for, it will return you the desired results. It also clearly categorizes each manga genre for users to choose from. With such a large number, you are sure to find something you like!


Manga Dogs’ recommendation feature is extremely smart and convenient. Get recommended manga series based on what you’ve read before. It also statistics the reading habits of other users and recommends you the content with the most visits. Therefore, if you do not know which genre to read, please consult the recommendations and make your choice.

Read manga

Manga Dogs designed a smart reading interface to provide the best user experience. You can choose portrait or landscape mode. Inside the reading interface, you can refer to some other advanced settings such as zoom/zoom, speed, reading mode… When reading online, the next page will automatically download in the background. So you always get extremely smooth page loading speed. This app optimizer helps you to save battery and data while using.

Manga Dogs VIP
The manga series are always provided and arranged in order

Bookshelves and history

Save your favorite manga series to the Bookshelf. A user can create multiple bookshelves, corresponding to specific genres. Especially, for the manga you are following that is still in release, it will notify you when it has updated the latest content. This is extremely convenient, you don’t need direct access to track the release progress like before. The app also saves activity history for the time you’re online.

Some other special features

Manga Dogs has a lot of nifty features to enhance the user experience. Here are some of the features that we think are the most convenient:

  • Push notifications: get instant notifications when your favorite manga has a new chapter
  • Favorite: Manage your favorite manga
  • History: Resume where you left off from your reading history
  • Continuous reading: Start on one device, end on another seamlessly
  • Manga Dogs Cloud: backup and restore all your data to use on multiple devices

Interact with the manga community

Manga Dogs currently has a fairly large and friendly community. There you can interact with many other users about manga series. Share your favorite content for everyone to enjoy. You will also find many other great manga thanks to this community, even classic manga that you never knew about. Community is a place to socialize and share, and it’s on the right track.

Manga Dogs MOD
Convenient, comfortable reading interface and smooth page loading speed

Manga Dogs VIP

The VIP version of Manga Dogs allows you to use all the features included in the application. In addition, this version completely removes ads. Download unlimited manga and increase your account storage. You only need to spend about 6$ per year to use VIP. In our opinion, this is too cheap and suitable for many users. In our opinion, you should register for a VIP account to have the most comfortable experience.

MOD APK version of Manga Dogs

MOD feature

  • VIP Unlocked : all VIP features in the app have been permanently unlocked.

Download Manga Dogs MOD APK for Android

The contents inside the Manga Dogs MOD APK application are endless and regularly updated. With just a phone, you can experience countless classic manga series of the world. The features it also provides are flexible, convenient and smart. Manga Dogs is confidently the best and most reliable manga reading application available today. We absolutely love this app, how about you? Click the link below to download and you can experience it right away!

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