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Improve your physique with Lifesum’s helper fear. This application will help you to make the right weight loss and diet plan. Download “Lifesum MOD APK” version of REDMOD for you to have the perfect experience.

Introduce About Lifesum

Are you feeling low on your physique? You want to have a suitable diet to have a slimmer body? So try the Lifesum experience – diet planner, calorie counter, healthy recipes and food diary. Using Lifesum, you will have a suitable diet while still ensuring nutrition. Join us in improving your physique and health with Lifesum!

Developed health applications are very difficult. Because it must use medical and health knowledge to create content in the application. The world’s leading health experts are recommending Lifesum to improve your fitness in a healthy way. The app makes it into the “Editor’s Choice” list on the Google Play store. And it has received tens of millions of downloads, the number still growing.

Scientific planning

Fasting or eating fewer meals a day is a method many people use when trying to lose weight. However, this will cause your body to become tired and lifeless. Many experts have advised that we should not use it to lose weight. Therefore, the most effective method is to have a reasonable diet and combine with sports. Lifesum will do a little test before proposing a plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle. You will always get the right plan to achieve any weight loss goal.

Food analysis

Understanding the properties of foods is extremely important. For example, in 100g of beef is there any nutritional content, or in carrots there is nothing! And Lifesum will analyze the nutritional profiles of the most popular foods. Each type is recorded the content of the substance corresponding to their weight. As a result, you will know which foods are good and bad for your health.

Not only that, you can also check the foods you buy from the supermarket. This app’s camera allows you to scan barcodes for products to retrieve their information. It will then analyze in detail about nutrient flow, the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, FAT and the relative calories it contains.

Cooking recipes

Recipes is an extremely useful feature of this application. Sometimes, you want to go to the kitchen to cook for yourself attractive dishes but do not know whether the nutritious content of those dishes is right for you or not. This feature will thoroughly analyze the food’s stats and guide you through how to cook them.

Lifesum sends you the healthiest recipes to incorporate into all meal plans. You will discover delicious recipes or cook diet foods without feeling bored. You will beat cravings with a sugar free plan or search for a food and snack list. All ingredients for processing are calculated in terms of weight and calories.

Barcode scanners

You can create barcodes to log in and personalize your information. Lifesum will always display primarily the information you follow. In addition, you can also create Daily Macro tabs to track calories and nutrition. You will get the right type of energy consumption with just the Macro calculator. The calorie counter and food tracking function will give you an overview of your daily nutritional values.


Lifesum can connect with many other health applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Runkeeper … These applications all have calorie-burning exercises, stimulating digestion and absorption. You need to combine nutrition and exercise to achieve good health. However, this feature is only available in the premium version of Lifesum. You need to spend money to buy the Premium plan with unique features.

New feature

Lifesum becomes more and more perfect thanks to the continuous improvement and addition of new features. In the new update, this application has fixed stability errors that some users encountered. In addition, they also bring many new extremely useful features for you.

To make it easier for you to keep track of your health, Lifesum provides you with more insight into your health journey. It has more details, more charts, more colors. In addition, it also shows which diet plan you are on. If you have any problems or have any suggestions about this application, you can contact us at: [email protected]

MOD APK (Premium) version of Lifesum

MOD feature

The free version of Lifesum will not allow you to use all the features. If you want more advanced then you need to subscribe to the Premium plan. With this subscription, you will be unlocked all the features. In addition, you also get support to turn off Analystics / Crashlystics, disable ads and support multiple languages.

Our MOD – Lifesum Premium APK version will provide you with the Premium plan for free. You will save yourself substantial monthly subscription and renewal costs.

Download Lifesum Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

The Lifesum experience will bring you good health and good shape. Discovering little habits will help you make a big difference to becoming healthier. The app is gaining popularity with tens of millions of people joining and receiving loads of positive feedback. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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