Balance: Meditation & Sleep v1.134.0 Mod APK (Subscribed)

Last updated: 24/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.134.0
MOD Info:Subscribed
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Elevate Labs
Package:Google Play Link

Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK is a very useful meditation and sleep application for everyone. Especially suitable for people with busy work schedules during the day. The appearance of this application as a “savior” for you to meditate in the best sequence.

Introduce about Meditation & Sleep

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is an application to meditate and improve sleep stress. This is the world’s first personalized meditation program. Each person will have their own feelings about the method, effect and time of practicing meditation during the day.

In a sensitive time like today, it seems that we are all confined to our homes, afraid of going to meditation classes. Therefore, the Meditation & Sleep application was born as a virtual guide to help us learn meditation in the most optimal and effective way.

This application is designed with 2 main colors, white and blue. The combination of these two colors is definitely suitable for those who love minimalism.

Start the app Balance: Meditation & Sleep

When starting the application, we will be asked some basic questions for the application to determine the purpose and current fitness level. Thereby, the application makes suggestions for courses that are suitable for you. After choosing the right course for you, the system will notify you about the timetable and specific schedule for us. With the outstanding advantages that the application brings, it is easy for anyone to use.

Outstanding advantages of Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Meditation & Sleep is a meditation application that is trusted by many people, because of the outstanding advantages that the application brings. Here are some advantages of Meditation & Sleep:

Exercises are planned without stress

The Balance: Meditation & Sleep app is organized on a 10-day plan. Over time, we will improve our stats and level up. You will be taught exercises such as: Focusing on Breath, Body Scan, Labeling, and more… Each exercise requires your technique and practice.

The best feature of this application that attracts everyone to use is the notification function. The system will have a notification reminding us to study according to the schedule, creating a feeling of relaxation and readiness to practice. And more importantly, you don’t get lazy thanks to this feature.

Inspirational music

The Balance: Meditation & Sleep app uses male and female guidance voices simultaneously. The warm, inspiring voice of the instructor will slowly come to mind, making it easier for us to absorb and learn effectively.

Balance: Meditation & Sleep focuses most on the music. Many meditation exercises at every level in balance: meditation and sleep are always accompanied by heart-melting music. There are many types of music available in the sound library of the application library. The more often we practice and connect to the application, the more personalized the meditation music will be. So this app is the place to gather all the right sounds to lull you to sleep.

Balance is the key

At the end of the lesson, you will be confirmed by the system to have achieved a level in a corresponding skill. This is an important way in helping us shape progress over the long term.

After statistics on the “status” of each skill, it helps us to have more willpower to promote the training process. This re-statistical activity helps you look back on whether your training has been good or not, thereby fixing it to improve.

New feature update

Latest Version: 1.54.0 (Updated March 20, 2022)

  • New feature added to help bring you into your dreams;
  • Sound enhancements;
  • Add new exercises;
  • Fixed some bugs;
  • And many new features in the next updates.

MOD APK version of Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Besides the regular version Balance: Meditation & Sleep, the provider has created a paid version. This version aims to meet customer requirements better, more advanced features. However, a lot of people can’t afford to upgrade to the premium version of the app. That is why the MOD APK version of  Balance: Meditation & Sleep was born to serve and meet the maximum requirements of users.

MOD features

Subscribed: It allows us to use paid features such as:

  • Optimize the best experience from the application;
  • Open all music folders in the app;
  • The MOD feature allows free access to paid features.

Download Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK latest version for Android

Currently, Balance: Meditation & Sleep is a very useful health application for all of us. The application has been officially available on application download platforms on Android phones. Download the Meditation & Sleep app to get the most effective meditation route for yourself.

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